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Flowerbomb Kush is the latest new from Strain Hunters seed catalogue, added to Santyerbasi's seed list. This strain crossing between Green Crack and OG Kush has a flowering time of only 8 weeks.

Flowerbomb Kush plant is presented by Green House Coffeshop , winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. Flower bomb Kush is a strain with strong smell and taste, strong buzz. Flowerbomb Kush is applied to other , grow and expand more , with long branches that compete with the main queue .

The color of the leaves of Flowerbomb Kush is very dark green, with blackish tones . Flowerbomb Kush is a very bushy plant that usually overlap with each other.

A variety Flowerbomb Kush likes media EC levels and performs well in hydroponic systems . Cultivated land flavor and aroma is sweet and fruity . The buds are irregular in size, with a tendency to form tailed fox with very large calyxes forming towers. The buds are very compact and extremely dense .

Flowerbomb Kush resin is thick and extends most leaves the end of flowering .

Flowerbomb Kush is a variety of media production and a unique quality : The taste is earthy , mossy , at first, very similar to OG Kush range , but immediately after taking an intense fruity flavor , ending with an almost spicy spicy note .

The buzz of Flowerbomb Kush is strong and complex, with a very rapid body effect and a gradual mental effect . Provides a complex and inspiring experience . A winning variety of drinks.

Specifications of Flowerbomb Kush strain by Strain Hunters Seed Bank

Genetics: OG Kush x Green Crack / 70 % indica - 30 % sativa ( feminized ) .
Height: medium size with an average internodal distance of between 8-10 cm.
Flowering indoor : Flowering time 8 weeks, with production up to 0.8 grams ( clean and dry buds ) per watt per m2 ( 1,000 W HPS )
Outside Flowering: Flowering time 8 weeks, large plants producing up to 1 kilo per plant clean dry buds , depending on the final size.
Taste (burnt ) : earthy, vegetal , fruity , sweet .
Aroma ( unburned ) : kush , earthy, orange, pink , with a warm and spicy background style.
Looks dry / crumbled bud : Dried buds are irregular, dense and compact , with very large calyxes. They have a very thick resin. The shredded buds are sticky, dark green with very dark tones yet .
Duration of effect
: Fast .
Duration of high : long lasting.
Effect type / quality : extremely strong , very relaxing at the body at first and then with effect mental, social , laughter , creative level. Very complex .
Medicinal qualities investigated.

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