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Green Poison feminized by Sweet Seeds is a wonderful indica with high yields and exquisite flavor. With its fast growth, high production, and therapeutic effects, Green Poison by Sweet Seeds is an extraordinary choice for cultivators and users seeking a top-quality Indica variety. Its flavor and aroma profile, combined with its potent effect, make it a highly recommended option for various purposes.


Green Poison by Sweet Seeds is a primarily Indica hybrid variety, renowned for its exceptional yield and rapid development. Its vigorous growth and explosive flowering phase make it an extraordinary bud producer in record time. Its sweet and fruity aromas, along with its therapeutic properties, make it especially suitable for humid environments prone to fungi.

With long, flexible side branches surrounding a prominent central bud, Green Poison exhibits vigorous growth and a rapid flowering phase, ensuring generous flower and resin production. This variety has been designed to offer an exceptional growing experience, with exquisite aroma and flavor, potent effects, and remarkable ease of cultivation.

Aroma and Flavor Profile:

Green Poison offers a sweet and fruity aroma with herbal nuances and hints of earthiness. Its flavor is equally enticing, with notes of honey, chocolate, and a touch of acidity and spiciness, leaving a long-lasting and satisfying taste on the palate.


  • Type: Photoperiod (Feminized)
  • Producing Bank: Sweet Seeds
  • Genetic Heritage: Mostly Indica (with hints of Sativa/Indica)
  • THC Level: Approximately 18%
  • Indoor Flowering Time: Intermediate, 9-10 weeks
  • Cultivation: Relatively simple
  • Harvest Time: Late September outdoors, 9-10 weeks indoors
  • Outdoor Size: Around 1 meter in height
  • Recommended Growing Areas: Versatile
  • Climate: Ideally temperate
  • Yield: Very high yield (XXL)
  • Plant Characteristics: Compact and dense
  • Sativa-Indica Ratio: 30% Sativa, 70% Indica (Hybrid)
  • Recommended Use: Mainly recreational
  • Resistance: Moderately susceptible to mold and fungi
  • Medicinal Properties: Medium level
  • CBD Content: 0.2%
  • Aroma: Intense citrus aroma with sweetness
  • Flavor: Combines sweet notes with earthy undertones

Praise and Reviews from Some of Our Customers:

Green Poison has received praise for its potency and duration of effect. Users highlight its strong body impact, with relaxing and slightly narcotic effects, ideal for moments of rest and relief.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does Green Poison grow outdoors?
    • It grows vigorously and rapidly, offering exceptional outdoor production.
  • How long does Green Poison take to flower indoors?
    • It flowers in approximately 51 to 57 days, with high indoor production.
  • What are the aroma characteristics of Green Poison?
    • Its aroma is sweet and fruity, with herbal nuances and hints of earthiness.
  • What are the effects of Green Poison?
    • It offers a strong body effect, pacifying and slightly narcotic, with an activating and meditative effect on the mind.
  • What are the medicinal properties of Green Poison according to users?
    • Users report benefits for a variety of conditions, including nausea, vomiting, pain, and psychological symptoms.

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