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Green Poison XL Auto by Sweet Seeds are a third generation autoflowering seeds. This new generation brings plants with a 25% bigger size, what derives in higher yields indoors and outdoors. Green Poison XL Auto cannabis plants are ready to harvest in 8 weeks from germination.

Autoflowering seeds have experienced a notorious evolution since their early beginings, and Sweet Seeds is one of the seedbanks that has worked harder improving each strain they previously introduced in their catalogue. In this case Sweet Seeds breeders have focused in their Green Poison Auto strain, selecting and crossing those individuals with bigger size.

The result is this Green Poison XL Auto, larger sized autoflowering seeds, that will surprise even the most experienced growers, for the quality, yield and amount of resin produced.

Green Poison XL Auto cannabis plants will grow for 3-4 weeks before strating to flower, being ready to harvest in 8-9 weeks from germination. This is an automatic strain with high content of Skunk genetics, which produces flowers with an intense taste and aroma, sweet and fruity.

Growers who decide for giving this Green Poison XL Auto a try indoors or outdoors, should germinate seeds and place them directly in a 4-5 gallon container to get best results, and use a 20/4 photoperiod (that has been proved as the best one for autoflowering strains). Outdoors she will reward us with its best yields when grown between May and July (due to higher light intensity, and longer daylight period). It can be grown outside this window, but results will be slightly lower.

Another good advise we like to give our customers is the use of root boosters, and light substrates (type lightmix or coco coir) that allow roots a quicker growth (elemental to get a good sized plant before flowering stage begins).

Sweet Seeds Green Poison XL Auto

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Green Poison Auto x Green Poison Auto.

Harvest: 8-9 weeks from germination.

Yields: 450-600 g/sqm - 60-250 g/plant.

Taste: Sweet and fruity.

THC: 15-20%.

CBD: 0,07%.

Height: 80-125 cm.

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