Odor treatment

In Odour Treatment category you will find all those products to combat and remove odours from cannabis. In this section you may find carbon filters, ozone generators, odour neutralizers, in addition to other products that create fragances that mask cannabis odours.

Carbon filters

Here you will find carbon filters for all different extractor diameters, as well as different airflow capacities, from cheapest CAN Lite, up to those more professional Can Original. Choose the odor filter that better fits your needings and extractor capacity, paying special attention to two basic parameters: Diameter of your extractor, and airflow capacity (m3/h). Remember that choosing a wrong filter (like a too small one for a certain extractor capacity) may derive in odour problems and also could cause a fan failure. SantYerbasi recommends a filter capacity of about 20%+ of the extractor capacity.

Ozone generator

Ozone is an oxygen enriched molecule, so it tends to blend with other air particules. In this process this extra oxygen molecule sticks to air particules, so it breaks the molecule causing the smell. Ozone generators are available in different formats, from those thought for rooms or growing-areas, ozone generators for car use, or those more suitable for growing like ozone generators for air-systems. While ozonizers for grow-room are thought to remove odours from the whole room, those build to be set up in air-systems will remove the odour from all the air outgoing from the grow-room, non being in contact with plants. Ozone is one of the best ways to control and remove odours derived from growing cannabis, and Santyerbasi recommends using them in combination with a good carbon filter.


Odour neutralizers are products made to combat odours, either mixing its main ingredient with cannabis mollecule, or within the use of fragances that overstand to cannabis. In-between odour neutralizers you will find different types of products like Neutralizer, which removes completelly cannabis smell using natural essential oils, or the also popular ONA products (similar to a fragance sprayer) that release a fragance in the air that masks cannabis smell. While products like Neutralizer are 100% effective in the garden, house, or even in the car, ONA products are suitable for those tokers who don't want their neighbours to smell cannabis outgoing from their house or apartment.

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