AutoPot systems

AutoPot systems

Autopot systems are one of the easiest ways to grow plants indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses.

What is Autopot?

Autopot modules are an automatic growing system, that does not need energy to work, being almost autonomous.

Every Autopot module is receives water straight form the tank, and manages the use of it within the AquaValve. This valve takes care of open/close the flow of water to substrate depending on substrate's needings.

How does Autopot system works?

The Autopot system is easy: A valve (patented) manages the irrigation of substrate opening/closing the flow. Autopot modules can be used as 1Pot single unit, or grouped in a system, with connections between them and to the water source (Flexitank).

Autopot system require a mix of 50% substrate to perlite to favor an spongy substrate. This mix can be done with: soil and perlite, coco and perlite, clay and perlite, or even rockwool and perlite, making from it a much versatile system that adapts to the needings of every grower.

One of the main advantages of Autopot systems is they don't need electricity to work, as water flows by gravity and then is managed by AquaValves.

Benefits of Autopot system

Easy to use: One of the main benefits of autopot systems is its ease of use. Once the autopot modules are filled with the mix of substrate, and plants are in, the system will work almost automatically from germination to harvest.

No need of electricity: Another advantage of these systems is they don't need electricity to work. This is specially interesting, as our plants will never suffer from drought, even if an electric shortcut occurs.

Fully automatic: Once the system is set up, plants and substrate are in, the system is almost autonomous, as will only require from grower to add water to the tank every once in a while.

Best result with Biotabs: The autopot system gets best results when combined with Biotabs nutrients. The key of this secret is these fertilizers and boosters are applied directly in substrate (being slow release nutrients). Grower will only need to add water to the tank so plants can continue their cycle up to harvest.

Scalable system: Being a system constructred by single modules, we can begin with 2 or 4 autopot modules, and then if we get good results, scale the system adding more modules and increasing the tank capacity.

Autopot modules sizes

Autopot modules are available in two main sizes, so every grower can choose which one adapts better to his/her growing style:

  • Autopot module 15 liters
  • Autopot module XL 25 liters

Autopot Flexitank reservoirs

Flexitank reservoirs are available in sizes from 25 liters up to 1000 liters. All Autopot Flexitank reservoirs are manufactured in resistent plastic to avoid punctures and holes.

Another virtue of Flexitank reservoirs is they come in a white box, which helps transporting them, and also being more discreet.

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