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GrowStream (evolution from General Hydroponics Aeroflo) is an aeroponic system for indoor growing. The main virtue of aeroponic growing with GrowStream is the total control over plants. GrowStream does not use any growing medium, so the roots can grow quicker, turning into faster growing cycles that deliver larger crops.

¿What's GrowStream?

GrowStream by Terra Aquatica are professional aeroponic systems for indoor growing. Those older growers will recognise these systems due the high similarities with Aeroflo from General Hydroponics. GrowStream are an evolution from these classic grow systems, that have been upgraded and improved after years in market.

Terra Aquatica GrowStream hydroponic grow system

GrowStream system has an ideal functioning to maximize each aspect of indoor growing. Improves the growth ratio of plants, and increases final yields.

GrowStream gives growers a professional tool to improve not only yields also efficiency. With GrowStream you will have a total control over your plants, as its close loop recirculation system, together with the unneed of growing medium makes your plants only fed by nutrient solution.

The size of these GrowStream has been slightly increased compared with AeroFlo, to bring more space to roots, but also to increase the volume of nutrient solution available for them at any time. This is a versatile hydroponic system, in which you can grow small plants and big plants (being the only system in market that allows you to do so).

GrowStream systems by Terra Aquatica (previously known as GHE or General Hydroponics Europe) are available in different sizes and models that allow hydroponic growing in systems between 10 plants and 120 plants.

Los sistemas GrowStream de Terra Aquatica están disponibles en distintos modelos, que permiten el cultivo hidropónico de entre 10 y 120 plantas por sistema.

Available GrowStream systems, sizes and tank:

  • GrowStream 10 plants: 110 x 50 x 50 cm - 50L Tank.
  • GrowStream 20 plants: 130 x 73 x 47 cm - 90L Tank.
  • GrowStream 40 plants: 224 x 105 x 57 cm - 200L Tank.
  • GrowStream 80 plants: 410 x 105 x 57 cm - 200L Tank.
  • GrowStream 120 plants: 325 x 209 x 57 cm - 400L Tank.

¿How does it work? Functioning of GrowStream systems

The GrowStream works with a constant recirculating water flow, that is pumped to plant's roots and then drained by gravitity to the reservoir again.

Plants are placed in special pots that allow roots to grow freely along canals filled with nutrient solution. Thanks to a system that allows you to set different heights, we can choose the amount of water remaining in canals before falling back to reservoir, what asures roots won't get dry if whatever happens.

In its way back to reservoir, nutrient solution will create a cascade that has a beneficial effect in solution, as it avoids stagnation of water, besides oxygenating nutrient solution.

Advantages of growing aeroponics in GrowStream

If you've been growing for long time indoors, and you want to improve some processes and performance of your garden, growing hydroponics is the natural next step in evolution.

When we talk about advantages of GrowStream systems (and hydroponics in general) it is important to highlight that one of the main advantages is the sterile system used. Working without susbtrate turns into a much cleaner grow space.

Another good benefit of hydroponic growing is the lack of susbtrate allows a brutal root growth (specially when compared with traditional growth in soil or coco).

Also related with the lack of susbstrate is how discreet this systems are. If you don't have to carry soil bags every 3 months, the possibility of neighbour asking themselves what are you doing is way more remote.

We are talking about a growing system much more efficient, not only about the unneed of substrate, but also about water use. Being a recirculating system, the same nutrient solution is used one time and another until grower decides it's time to change it. This derives in water savings... And nutrient savings!

Another advantage is the total control over plant's diet. Hydroponic systems allows you to fully control how your plant's are being fed. If nutrient solution's values are desired, growth and bloom will be maximum.

Benefits of using GrowStream

As we already explained, one of the main benefits of hydroponic systems is hygiene. If you are looking for a cleaner growing method hydroponic is made for you.

In addition, hydroponic systems allow roots to grow massive, as there isn't anything that slows down their growth, so plant's developement is much quicker, being possible to save almost 15 days per growing cycle. In these type of growing systems growers usually keep cuttings in vegetative stage only for 2-3 days before flipping them to flower.

Being a fully automated system, time savings in matter of waterings is maximum. Grower only needs to control pH and EC values and adjust them if needed.

Against GrowStream system (old Aeroflo)

We have detailed advantages and benefits of growing in hydroponic system, but... ¿What are the inconvenients?

Probably the main inconvenient of this system is one of its major virtues: Working without substrate. Even though it's true that working in hydroponics gives you great advantages, the fact of not having a substrate that works as balance agent if whatever happens can be a problem.

In cases like hydroponic and aeroponic systems like GrowStream, grower must know what's happening instantly. It is so important to constantly keep under control pH and EC values. If these values slightly vary could cause changes in plants so quick, so these changes should be adjusted as fast as possible to avoid any possible long-term change that could cause plant's death.

As there isn't any growing medium plants have to attach to, the root mass grows unlimited, so you should not grow them for long periods or it will be really tough to keep them straight.

Another point against this system is automation. It's true that when you first set it up and everything is new you don't really have to worry about it, but after some growing cycles and cleanings, it is so important to stock spare parts like pumps or timers just for any issue that might happen (i.e. if any timer fails on Friday night, and you can't get a new one until Monday your plants could suffer too much or even die).

At the same time everything that works automatic requires from electricity. In this system, if happens a light cut and it lasts for hours your plants could suffer so much. take this in count, even though this issues don't happen oftenly.

GrowStream final reviews and price

If we talk about an hydroponic or aeroponic grow system, there isn't anything in market more professional than the GrowStream (old Aeroflo improved). this system has been in market for many years, receiving the best reviews from many satisfied users. It also has received updates (as we already explained) that improve the overall work of the system.

If you are looking for an hydroponic system that you can trust, with professional quality, forget everything else and focus on GrowStream. The quality of compounds used deserve the little extra price compared with competitors.

We really think this is a good product, not only when it's new, as this is a long-term use hydroponic system. Everything can be removed to be easily cleant before begining a new grow cycle.

Steping in the price thoughts: It's really difficult to value if this price is high or low. For instance, if we compare GrowStream price with some prices of its competitors we realize the price is slightly higher but whatchout. The quality of compounds used and how this system works sets a total difference in terms of quality. So the small difference in price is mor than worth for the extra quality you get. Our opinion is that whoever buys this product will think it's cheap for the results got in just few cycles.

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