Hailea V-20 Air Pump

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Hailea V-20 air pump has 4 sockets for outgoing air.

-Voltage: 220 V
-Frequency: 50 Hz
-Power: 15 w
-Maximum pressure:> 0.02 MPa (~ 2 m.c.a.)
-Maximum flow: 20 L / min (1,200 L / h)
-Manifold with 4 outlets
-Noise: <40 dB
-Dimensions (mm): 230 x 185 x 180

-Aluminum alloy casing.
-High performance and low noise.
Double-flow bars to produce a large amount of air and pressure.
-No need to be lubricated with oil, providing clean air.
Structure-only, fast heat dissipation.
-Structure completely waterproof.

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