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Soma, besides being an activist and a breeder, is also known for being a water hash extraction lover. This new strain, called hash heaven, is a declaration of intentions of him. In this strain 3 of he's favourite strains for these purpose have been crossed: Has Plant -13, G-13 and Lavender.

My next new strain is called Hash Heaven, and is a cross of Hash Plant-13 with G-13 Haze. This plant makes exceptional water hash. It comes out with an orange color and melts into vapor. You most definitely need a high ceiling in your grow space for this one as it can get quite tall. I have had great luck with super-cropping this plant. It is able to make many branches and as it grows I bend them to create as many top bud sites as possible. This makes for quite a good yield.

The smell is not sweet it has a pungent aroma. The taste is sharp with a very strong high that lasts for hours. It needs 12-13 weeks to flower. It is about 80% sativa and 20% indica. Outside you need a semi-tropical environment.

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