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Digital scales

Digital scales

¿What's a precision digital scale?

Precision digital scales are useful tools for growers. These scales quantify the exact weight of an object or product, to get a clear reference of its exact weight. The precision digital scale can have an accuracy of 0,01g, 0,1g or 1g.

¿What's does a precision scale work for? How to use

Precision digital scale can be used to know the yield of your crop, and also to know the weight of some of the products used for growing like fertilizers or pesticides.

To be able to weight any you just need to place the scale on a rigid surface, switch it on and let it auto-calibrate. Once the scale shows a weight of 0, we can place whatever we want on its surface.

In general digital scales offer different scaling units: grams, ounces, pieces... Besides a Tare function. This useful option allows you to place a container on the scaling suface, and remve its weight so the scale only shows the weight of the content.

Maximum weight of precision digital scales

A precision digital scale usually has a relation with a maximum admited weight. So if you are looking for the most precise scale, you should know first that maximum weight will be norotiously lower compared with other less scales with precision.

In general scales with a precision of 0,01g usually resist up to 100g-200g, even though you can find some, like Kenex Magno that can support a maximum weight of 500g.

If you don't need as much precision, you can purchase scales with a 0,1g precision and a maximum capacity up to 2kg. If you need high weight capacity, there are scales that resist up to 25kg with an accuracy of 1g.

The cheapest precision scales

When we focus on price of precision scales, you should notice what factors can make more expensive the product, like precision, maximum weight, or the scaling surface and manufacturing materials.

If you are looking for the cheapest option, we stock digital scales for less than 10€, with a great ratio quality/price.

Best brands of digital scales

At SantYerbasi you'll find only the best brands of precision digital scales like Kenex or Tanita. Filter the results by price, and find the scale that better fits your needings and budget.

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  1.  Kenex Matrix

    Kenex MX-500 Digital Scale

    Balance of precision 0.1-500g / 500g capacity * Automatic calibration [...]

  2. Kenex Exilis

    Kenex Exilis 350 Digital Scale

    This scale is made ​​by Kenex perfect for weighing items that require the utmost precision. [...]

    Out of stock

  3. Kenex Eternity 600 Digital Scale

    Kenex Eternity 600 Digital Scale

    This scale, made ​​by Kenex, is perfect for weighting items that require precision. [...]

    Starting at: €19.90

  4.  Kenex  MX-100

    Kenex MX-100 Digital Scale

    0.01g-100g precision scale [...]

  5. Balanza Kenex MAG-1000

    Kenex Mag-1000 Digital Scale

    Digital Scale 0.1-1000g / Automatic Calibration [...]

  6. balanza digital Kenex KTT-3000

    Kenex KTT-3000 Professional Digital kitchen Scale

    Digital Scale 0.1-3000g [...]

  7. Kenex Glass

    Kenex Glass

    Accuracy of 0.01 to 100 g / Touchscreen [...]

  8. Simplex Kenex

    Kenex Simplex

    Kenex Simplex is a digital precision scale, available in two models: accuracy 0,1g and accuracy 0,01g. Kenex Simplex scale is a compact model, with high precision and economy price, thought to be easily transported in any pocket. Kenex Simplex guarantees quality and precision all Kenex products stand for, with all necessary characteristics for a trust weight.


    Starting at: €9.50

  9. Kenex Vanity

    Kenex Vanity professional scale

    Kenex Vanity professional digital scale is available in two different models: With precision 0,01g up to 100g, and with precision 0,1 up to 650g. Kenex Vanity is small and easy to transport and hide, also is easy to use thanks to its intuitive functioning. [...]

    Starting at: €22.50

  10.  Kenex Clarity

    Kenex Clarity digital scale

    Kenex Clarity is a professional digital scale with precision 0,1g, and a maximum weighting capacity of 650. This precision scale includes an overload protection against possible overload that could brake the scale. This scale is easy to manipulate, and versatile. [...]

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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