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HomeBox Ambient Q60+ is the ideal growtent for growers who want to manage their first indoor growth. Homebox Q60+ Ambient size is perfect to place it almost everywhere at home: 60x60x120 cm.

The Homebox Ambient Q60+ design is ideal for growers who want to manage their own personal requirements. Also is good for reduced spaces, thanks to its total size of 60x60x160 cm.

Homebox Q60+ can be lit with a 250w-400w HPS equipment, LED light or fluorescent lights tjanks every photon being used will be maximized towards full potential to the PAR+ super reflective lining exclusive to HOMEbox.

Homebox Q60 Ambient is astoundingly productive, especially when combined with hydroponic growing systems.

The double micron 700-micron Micromesh bug-screened, OmniFlow directable air vents provide easy air exchange and promote a healthy growing enviroment. A generous roof vent can accomodate extraction fans up to 150 mm (6").

Homebox Evolution Q60+ characteristics

  • High-tech German desing and engineering.
  • Seamless no-trip entry.
  • Rugged, plant-safe materials ensures long working life.
  • All parts are replaceable.
  • Removable, water-resistant flooring
  • Inlet and outlet tubes
  • 2x 130 Omniflow air vents left and right side.
  • 700 micron MicroMesh bug-screen.
  • Tough canvas outer shell.
  • PAR+ super reflective lining promotes faster growth and higher yields.
  • Metal structure (16mm) strong precision plastic corners/connectors.
  • Once closed, unit is entirely sealed and virtually light proof.
  • Total-Blackout Zippers - no need for Velcro flaps.

Homebox Q60 Ambient characteristics

Size: 60x60x160 cm

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  1. Oscar asks Mar 31, 2018

    How is the tent packaging and how much does it weight?

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Mar 31, 2018

      Hello Oscar,
      It comes inside a cardboard, and it weights 6-8 kg.
      Best wishes

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