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For iron deficiency and strengthen growth and flowering in crops. Canna has developed this marvelous fertilizer exclusively made up of ferric elements. Mono Fer de Canna is a fertilizer composed of a single nutrient (iron) in liquid form and designed to facilitate the absorption of this mineral by the plant.


Iron is an element of vital importance, it takes care of various functions in the cycle of a cannabis plant.  This essential mineral for plants is one of those responsible for photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll, which is why one of the visible symptoms of iron deficiency is the tendency of plant leaves to turn yellow (Chlorosis  ).  These iron deficiencies are often present in the mother plants.  Canna puts Mono Fer at your fingertips, a high quality fertilizer to combat the lack of iron and prepared to facilitate the absorption of this essential element by plants.

The easiest way to correct iron deficiencies in your crop.

The iron deficiency corrector.

To correct this iron deficiency which does not allow the plant to have a correct growth and flowering phase, Canna Fer has been formulated from EDDHA molecules and EDTA chelates which respect the pH range.  This formula developed by Canna is the one that easily corrects the deficiency of the marijuana plant and assimilates iron quickly and directly.  If your lute suffers from advanced chlorosis due to iron, do not hesitate to use Canna Fer.

Instructions for use of the mono nutrient Fer de Canna:

During normal watering:

  • Add 0.75 ml per liter of water.
  • First symptoms of iron deficiency:
  • Add 1 ml per liter of irrigation water.
  • Plants with advanced chlorosis due to iron deficiency:
  • Add 2 ml per liter of irrigation water.
  • Canna Iron Concentration:
  •  0.06% Fe (Iron).
  •  Precaution

A good fertilizer contains all the necessary elements in the correct proportions.  Be careful when determining the dose, an overdose could harm the plant!

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