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Kali is a sativa marijuana strain that keeps all characteristics from this cannabis family. For lots of users, Kali is one of the best cannabis strains in whole history. CBD Seeds has reached an improved version from this strain, stabilized by our breeders, to get better yields, and thicker buds. This strain is mold resistant, what helps her to resist to hard conditions at the end of its flowering time outdoors (November).

For many experienced growers, this is the quintessential sativa. Genotype derived from two hybrid sativa family. CBD Seeds has achieved an improved version stabilized this variety for its long buds more compact, increasing the final production and maintaining its resistance to rust. This virtue is critical if we plant it outside, because its bloom lasts until November and may coincide with the autumnal rains.
 Indoors plants recommend spending 12 hours maximum a week after the appearance of the cotyledons, it is increased in size during flowering. Otherwise, it could grow too much and cause problems if we can not maintain adequate distance to the spotlight.
Additional information

    Collection: Classic
    Genotype: 90% Sativa
    Indoor: 11-12 weeks
    Exterior: November
    Production: Media
    Effect: Powerful / Brain / Active
    Odor: Spicy / incensed
    Taste: Citrus / metallic hues

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