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Keep it Clean is a powerful pipe cleaner that effectively removes obstructions, algae, and bacterial sludge from irrigation systems.


Keep it Clean - Pipe Cleaner

Keep it Clean is a powerful pipe cleaner that helps keep irrigation systems clean and in optimal working condition. This environmentally friendly cleaning agent is highly effective in removing obstructions, algae, and bacterial sludge while preventing fungal growth.

Main Benefits

  • Keeps irrigation systems free from obstructions
  • Eliminates and prevents the growth of algae and bacterial sludge
  • Prevents the development of unwanted fungi
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals for plants

Composition and Usage

The main ingredient in Keep it Clean is hydrogen peroxide, an effective and safe substance for pipe cleaning. For best results, long-term preventive use is recommended.

Recommended dosage: Start using Keep it Clean in week 1 of the flowering stage with a dose of 3.8 ml every two weeks on weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on. Repeat until the end of the flowering stage. This cleaner ensures that irrigation systems remain unobstructed by effectively eliminating bacteria and algae sludge.

Keep it Clean is safe to use and will not harm your plants as it does not contain ammonia or other harmful chemicals. Growers can use this cleaner with peace of mind, knowing that it will not negatively affect the growth and development of their plants.

Furthermore, Keep it Clean is formulated with a high concentration that is plant-friendly, thanks to its hydrogen peroxide formulation. This allows for cleaning pipe systems without worrying about potential harm to the plants.

This product is highly effective in eliminating unwanted algae, bacterial sludge, and fungi from pipe systems. It also acts as a preventive measure to keep the systems clean and fungus-free 24/7.

With Keep it Clean, you can maintain your irrigation systems in perfect condition, ensuring a clean and unobstructed water supply for your plants. Secure the best performance of your irrigation system with this reliable and environmentally friendly pipe cleaner!

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