Kitchen burner A-HOT 810

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Model Number: MT-810 / Brand: A-HOT / Consumption: 25g/h / Use butane gas

Instructions for A-HOT 810 kitchen burner

Read the instructions before using.

Keep this manual for future using.

Do not use the appliance when it is leaking.

If the appliance is leaking, take it aoutside to a place with a good circulation of air and without ignition source.

Check the tightness always outside, without a flame, please always use soap sud.

Filling or refilling the gas cylinder must done in a well ventilated place, far away from any possible sources of ignition , open flames, pilot lights, electrical cookware and away from other persons. Be sure to observe the safety instructions and warning notices on the refill cylinder.

Ignition and extinguishing

Turn de gas Adjustment knob counter clockwise to release the gas flow valve.

Slide the on/off lock into the unlock position.

Press the ingnition button.

Turn the gas adjustment knob clockwise to extinguish the flame.

Flame adjustment

Turn the gas Adjustment knob clockwise to decrease the flame strength or counter clockwise to increase the flame strength.

Refilling gas

These instructions shall indicate the fuel recommended by the manufacturer and include the appropiate information to ensure proper mating between the refill container and the fuel reservoir of the lighter.

Refilling by an inadequate method may lead to serious accident.

Make sure the fire is fully entinguished.

Refill the micro torch in a well ventilated area away from other persons. Do not smoke while replacing or refilling the micro torch.

Refill with triple refined butane gas only.

Place the torch in an upside down position.

Insert the nozzle of the butane canister until the gas starts to overflow.

The assembly and adjustment made in factory shall not be modified. It would be dangerous to try to modify the adjustments or the construction of the micro torch, to remove any parts or to use components other than those recommended.

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