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Lavender is one of the favourite strains from CBD Seeds, and from SantYerbasi's crew. The quality of its flowers is superior to the average, and helps to compensate lower yields, compared with some heavy yielder strains. This indica flowers quickly, streching a bit when switched to 12/12. Laveder produces dense flowers, covered in resin, with a strong flavour, and taste, that will remind you to original Lavender. Indoors is ready to harvest after 8 weeks of flowering, while outdoors it will be necessary to wait until mid-October to harvest.

Our favorite variety. It is a tall structure plant, vigorous growth, with especially thick branches and stems. It is an excellent choice for outdoor growers, it is highly resistant to mildew.
branch is characterized by not only producing a central bud at least 30 cm. At the beginning of flowering and you can see a thick layer of resin flooding leaves and stems. As it matures, the flowers take golds, oranges and amber .. The buds pick fruit weight rapidly to form compact and hard, ready for harvest in 60/65 days. The powerful aroma and flavor of our Lavender fragrance will remind you so popular that, in addition to a touch with other herbs like mint and rosemary.
Additional information

    Collection: Classic
    Genotype: Afghani x Skunk
    Inside: 7-8 weeks
    Exterior: Med October
    Production: High
    Effect: Strong / Durable
    Odor: Fresh / Lavender / Rosemary
    Taste: Mint / Lavender

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  1. Charles Algea asks Apr 23, 2021

    How much THC is in Lavender Kush

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Apr 23, 2021

      Hello Charles,
      This is an information you should ask Soma Seeds about, as they don't publish it. It wouldn't be rare that it is higher than 20% as it has sativa heritage. My guesses would be arround 23-25% but I'm just guessing. Ask them if you need this info to be more precise.

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