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LED Force Lite- 720w

The LED Force Lite 720w from Caluma is a high-quality LED system that combines Samsung LM281 and red diodes for a full spectrum. Its modular and compact design makes it versatile and easy to install. Boost your crop's performance by over 50% with this efficient and long-lasting LED!


The Great Power of Caluma's LED Force Lite 720w for Your Cultivation

An All-in-One Solution with the New LED Force Lite 720w

With the new Caluma LED Force Lite 720w, all your cultivation lighting needs will be covered. This innovative system incorporates the adapter into the LED, allowing you to connect it to any digital ballast without complications. Additionally, its modular design makes packaging more practical and efficient.

The LED Force Lite 720w features a high-quality LED system that combines premium Samsung LM281 white diodes and red diodes, providing a full spectrum for optimal growth of your plants. It reaches a maximum power of 720W, depending on the ballast used.

Improve Your Results with the LED Force Lite 720w

It's not just a luminaire, the LED Force Lite 720w offers multiple possibilities for cultivation. Its versatility and modularity adapt to your specific needs as a cultivator, allowing you to evolve and improve your results easily.

Power up your cultivation with Caluma's LED Force Lite 720w and increase your yield by more than 50%! Its unmatched quality-price ratio is designed to provide you with a quality cultivation without breaking the bank.

Benefits of the LED Force Lite 720w for Efficient Cultivation Lighting

Customized Light Spectrum:

The Caluma LED Force Lite 720w offers a highly customizable light spectrum, meticulously designed to meet the specific growth and flowering needs of cultivated plants. With a precise light composition, this LED system promotes optimal plant development, favoring robust growth, abundant flowering, and superior performance.

Saving on Electricity Costs:

The LED Force Lite 720w stands out for its exceptional energy efficiency, allowing substantial savings on electricity costs compared to traditional HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) systems. Thanks to its improved efficiency by approximately 30%, these LEDs drastically reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower operating expenses for cultivation over time. Additionally, the low heat generation minimizes the need for cooling systems, further optimizing energy efficiency and maintaining an optimal cultivation environment for plant development.

Environmental Sustainability:

The environmental benefits of the LED Force Lite 720w are evident in its exceptionally prolonged lifespan and reduced waste generation. These LEDs have a lifespan 2-3 times longer compared to gas discharge lamps, reducing the frequency of replacement and associated waste generation. By adopting this technology, cultivators can actively contribute to a more sustainable and ecological operation, reducing the carbon footprint and minimizing the environmental impact of cultivation.

The Caluma LED Force Lite 720w represents an advanced cultivation lighting solution that maximizes efficiency and results. With its customized light spectrum, significant energy savings, and environmental sustainability, this LED system positions itself as a technical and responsible option for cultivators seeking the best performance and environmentally conscious operation.

Technical Specifications of the LED Force Lite 720w

  • Maximum Power: 720W and 680W (depending on the ballast).
  • Dimensions: 1100 x 1100 x 90 mm.
  • Energy Consumption: Approximately 3.10 A and 2.90 A.
  • Application: Works with 600W digital ballasts.
  • AC Input: AC input for 600W digital ballasts.
  • Light Source: 2250 x LM281B+ PRO + 90 x SMD3535.
  • PPF: 1780 µmol/s.
  • Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/s/W.
  • Weight: 10 kg (Net) / 12 kg (Gross).
  • Working Temperature: From -20°C to 35°C.
  • Warranty: 3 years.



• The adapter must be connected to the LED Force Lite 720w before connecting the digital ballast to the adapter.

• Do not disconnect the adapter from the LED Force Lite 720w if the digital ballast is connected to the power supply.

Remember that the electronic ballast is not included with the LED. We recommend using it with Caluma's X-Lite or X-Slim 600w Electronic Ballast for the best results.

Don't waste any more time; illuminate your cultivation with the powerful Caluma LED Force Lite 720w and reap the rewards of a successful and productive cultivation.

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