Magnum Detox Mouth Wash

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Magnum Detox Mouth Wash is a saliva cleansing product to prevent against drug tests. Magnum Detox Mouth Wash 1oz (120ml) is enough for totally clean your salive results. It's alcohol free so there is no problem to use it before the test.


MAGNUM DETOX Products are designed to safely and quickly remove toxins that have built up in your system. MAGNUM DETOX saliva cleansing mouthwash is specially formulated to effectively cleanse toxins from the mouth.  The 2oz. bottle of saliva cleansing mouthwash works instantly and is gauranteed effective for up to 45 minutes when used as directed.  There is a reason why MAGNUM DETOX is the fastest growing line of detoxification products in the world. The manufacturers of MAGNUM DETOX formulate products that really work and are constantly researching and developing exciting, cutting - edge detoxification products that you can trust.

Alcohol free

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