Barney's Farm

Origin of Barney's Farm seedbank

Barney's Farm is a Ducth cannabis seedbank with many years in their back. At the begining, Derry (main breeder and owner of this seedbank) stablished in the Himalayan area, looking for pure landrace strains to work with developing new genetics.

In a co-working with their coffeshop in Holland, they developed award-wining strains, with some even winning High Ties Cannabis Cup.

Barney's Farm feminized strain catalogue

Nowadays Barney's Farm sells feminized seeds seedpacks of 1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds or 10 seeds from all their strains.

In-between their wide feminized seed catalogue you can fin indica genetics, sativa and also some indica dominant and sativa dominant hybrids.

Seeds from this seedbank have become so popular not only for the quality of the strain sold, but also for the large amount of prizes achieved, not only by the seedbank itself, also by growers in amater cannabis cups.

Barney's Farm feminized seeds are known by sourcing growers with superior quality genetics, no matter if indica or sativa, that make you feel like the most lucky grower around.

Barney's Farm autoflowering seeds

In addition to feminized seeds, Barney's Farm also sells AutoFem seeds (autoflowering and feminized).

Barney's Farm autoflowering seeds can be grown all year long (indoors and outdoors) in warm climates like mediterranean, and precise less attention to get a decent quality crop.

In general, most of autoflowering genetics by Barneys Farm grow for 4-5 weeks before begining the bloom stage (being ready to harvest in 10-12 weeks from germination).

You can check out the autoflowering strain seed-catalogue and purchase their seeds in original seedpacks of 1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds or 10 seeds.

Barney's Farm genetics with highest yields

At the breeding department of Barney's Farm they always look for a balance between quality and yields. Some of their heavy yielder strains have been awarded in cannabis cups, what demonstrates that quality and yields can go by hand.

Genetics like Chronic Thunder, Critical Kush, Gorilla Zkittlez or Dos si Dos #33 are a warranty of final yields, being some of the strains that deliver higher yields indoors and outdoors.

Cannabis strains with high THC and CBD

At Barney's Farm they also know cannabis grower's demands, and they do know that the demand of strains with high THC levels is increasing.

To this demand we have to add the increasing demand for medicinal cannabis strains with high CBD values. Genetics with higher levels of cannabidiol are those with lower psychotropic effects, in favor of more medicinal benefits for mind and body.

Inside the list of strains with high CBD you can find out both: feminized seeds with high CBD and autoflowering seeds with high CBD.

Barney's Farm american strains for sale

By many is known that during the last years, legalization in american states has released many strains to market (that before where just available by reduced circuits of growers).

Barney's Farm, thanks to its distribution wire, has got to keep hundreds of the best american genetics, that now are part of the strain catalogue, besides being used to breed new strains. A good example of the constant work of this seedbank is Purple Punch, a genetics born from the crossing Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG, that sets together everything a grower could like: heavy yields, pruple buds, quick flowering period and sweet taste.

Other american strains clone-only like Mimosa, Biscotti or Sunset Sherbet are now available in feminized seed-form thanks to Barney's Farm.

Barneys Farm genetics awarded in cannabis cups

As every good seedbank, Barney's Farm has introduced samples from their most popular strains to the best cannabis cups around the world. Some of these unique individuals like Utopia Haze and Vanilla Kush were awarded at the famous High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Up to date, more than 15 strains have been awarded in cannabis cups, what trully sets a refference for growers, that can trust the final result got growing these strains.

Barney's Farm seedbank final reviews and price

As growers, Barney's Farm has been one of our referrals for years. This is a seedbank you can trust, that produces top quality seeds that sproud quick and assure great vigor.

When talking about their genetics, Barney's Farm has always been up to date about investigation and developement of new strains, so it is almost impossible for you to don't find a strain that fits your likes. In their strain catalogue you can purchase indica strains kush-type, with an intense taste and aroma, indica-sativa hybrids, sativa dominant strains and seeds from 100% pure sativa lines like Dr Grinspoon.

Nowadays, after adding to their catalogue the new strains arrived from United Stateds, Barney's Farm has become one of the most complete cannabis seedbanks around the globe, with feminized cannabis genetics, and autoflowering cannabis strains you only dreamt about before.

If talking about pricelists we have to put light in shades. You can purchase seedpacks from 1 seed to 10 seeds, what makes really cheap to try a strain you want. You can find out many cheap genetics (ideal to get your first crop indoors or outdoors) and more exclusive strains with a higher price.

To sum up, if you are looking for a top shelf seeds for a good price, Barney's Farm should be one of your first go-to. If you are looking for something more exclusive, that other seedbanks don't have, maybe Barneys has something for your needs. No doubt, no matter the strain, if you germinate Barney's Farm seeds you'll get Barney's labeled quality.

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