BioHazard Seeds

BioHazard Seeds

BioHazard Seeds is an Spanish seedbank, specialized in selecting and preserving new top grade strains of cannabis, feminized and autoflowering.

BioHazard Seeds seedbank offers top quality seeds, for professionals and aficionado, easy to grow, with good yielding options, for a cheap price. BioHazard Seeds breeders have involved in strain developement to get marijuana strains that overstand by its flavours, and strength, selecting genetics from early 90s, and bringing them to market once deep testing is done, to asure every seed sold by this seedbank will satisfy growers who choose them in their gardens.

Biohazard seeds are selected manually, discarting all those that don't achieve desired quality standards.

In their seed catalogue we'll find feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds, available in packs of 1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 eeds, 10 seeds and 25 seeds, allowing all growers to get top grade strains for a reasonable price, and also to grow different strains under th esame grow-light.

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