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Buddha Seeds is a renowned Spanish brand with more than 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry. The company focuses on genetic improvement to produce and maintain strains of the highest quality on the market. They work hard to select and stabilize desirable traits and perform comprehensive quality checks from germination to harvest, earning the respect and trust of thousands of growers around the world.

Buddha Seeds: Applying Cutting-Edge Technology for the Development of High-Quality Cannabis Seeds.

Buddha Seeds has a multidisciplinary team of agronomists and biotechnologists who use sophisticated technologies such as gas chromatography and genetic sequencing to analyze plants at the genotype and phenotype level. They have developed a methodology to characterize the genes that encode the enzymes responsible for cannabinoid synthesis, allowing them to analyze the genome of newly planted seedlings and predict the cannabinoid profile they will exhibit when mature. This is advantageous to their breeding program as they can chemotype both parents and progeny without waiting for flowering.

The company has arguably the best research department in Europe, using state-of-the-art techniques such as molecular marker assisted selection, gas chromatography analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes, development and propagation of in vitro genetics, and the acquisition and characterization of polyploid individuals to offer cannabis growers individuals with robust vegetative vigor and high levels of cannabinoids.

Cannabis strains with unique style and flavor

Buddha Seeds offers several fast-flowering strains, such as Syrup, known for its sweet taste and caramel-like aroma. She completes her growth cycle in just 60 days, making her an ideal plant for novice growers who want a tasty harvest without much knowledge or care.

Other fast strains include White Dwarf and Red Dwarf, both of which complete their cycle in 60 days and offer different flavor profiles and yields. Buddha Purple Kush Auto is another flagship variety of the company, a 100% purple autoflowering with exceptional quality and a unique sweet taste. The strain offers homogeneity and constant yields even in different harvests. It is an excellent plant for indoor cultivation, since most of its production is found in the central bud, which allows fast and abundant harvests in about nine weeks.

Buddha Seeds was one of the first companies to offer high-yielding autoflowering strains with a longer cycle of around 90 days, providing larger sizes and higher yields. These varieties are suitable for growing indoors with few plants, giving excellent quality and weight, or outdoors with multiple harvests from spring to autumn.