Growers Choice

Growers Choice is a cannabis seedbank born more than 15 years ago. Growers Choice used to produce seeds for other seed companies until 2011. For more than 15 years Growers Choice breeders have been using genetics from other seedbanks to produce comercial strains for the,.

Is in 2011 when Growers Choice breeders stop working for third parties to start developing their own strains, to start winning recognition from the cannabis scenario, for their work and effords.

Nowadays Growers Choice cannabis seedbank sources growers with some the best existing strains, besides other crossings from award winning strains, specially overstanding for their american genetics with higher demand.

Growers Choice offers a wide catalogue of high quality feminized strains for a low price, sold in packs of 5 seeds. If you are looking for mostly indica American strains, with superior quality and lower price, Growers Choice is one of your best options for your garden.

Growers Choice

Origin:  Dutch Seedbank.

Options: Feminized seeds.

Average strains: Mostly indica.

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