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Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds feminized seeds seedbank

After many years of investigation and growing cannabis Ripper Seeds project was born.

Ripper Seeds seedbank foundation groups some of the best growers and breeders of spanish scenario, known by their taste and demanding works, that get rid of dozens of genetics for non matching their quality standards.

The union of those growers and breeders carries a genetics reserve compound by more than 40 strains, selected for their special characteristics. Expressed by the owners "hundreds of strains have passed by our hands during the last 15 years, keeping only those that got different traits, overstanding the others, those that surprised by its taste, effect or structure".

You can grow Ripper Seeds purchasing their genetics by units, in packs of 3 seeds or in packs of 5 seeds.

Elite genetics and comercial strains by Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds is known by producing only feminized cannabis strains that you can fins in their seed catalogue that includes elite crossings that take part of alive history of cannabis.

Along their history, Ripper Seeds has been adding and removing strains from their cannabis genetics catalog (some of them even after winning cannabis cups, or even being a top seller), This facts demonstrate their constant investigation for new strains that bring whatever special to growers who trust the seedbank for their gardens.

In-between their most highlight strains we can find genetics that represent a classic grower demands, like Old School, Double Glock or Balck Valley, in addition to other strains like Ripper Haze that have set a before and after between lovers of sativa strains with quick flowering period.

Demonstrating that Ripper Seeds I+D department never stops, along the latest years they have released new strain giving answer to trends and likes of market like Kmintz, OMG, Badazz, Brain Cake or Chempie... so more exquisite growers find that thing that makes worth the growing, genetics that satisfy most demanding growers.

Ripper Seeds limited edition

At Ripper Seeds they perfectly know that not all crossings give same results, nor represent the interests of all growers. This is why from long time ago they keep a limited edition seeds policy. These collector edition seeds represent some of the breeding experiments done by Ripper Seeds looking for new genetics.

If you are interested in some of their limited edition genetics do not walk, RUN! Most of the RIpper Seeds limited edition strains will only be available until stock lasts.

Indica and sativa cannabis seeds

Ripper Seeds nowadays have a long catalogue in which we can find strains for all likes and types. You can find indica cannabis seeds, with all their characteristic traits like quick flowering, heavy yields and couch-locking effect.

You can also find some of the best indica-sativa hybrids in market, which combine the best from both types, besides sativa strains for lovers of that long flowering genetics with that unique buzz of euphoria and happiness.

Ripper Seeds regular cannabis catalogue

Breeders at Ripper Seeds are 100% conscious that feminized seeds market work in parallel with regular seeds (male or female) market. Even though it's true that for most growers use feminized seeds saves problems, simplifies work and lets them take better profit from their grow-space, it is also true that exist a sector of growers that like regular seeds (in which we like to include ourselves).

If you are looking for a strain to keep a mother plant, or even produce your own crossings, maybe you are interested in some of Ripper Seeds regular strains like Fuel OG or Ripper Badazz.

Sprouting these seeds you not only get 100% female from the best quality, you will also have the chance of finding a male to produce your own strain (new and unique). A world of new possibilities is in your hands, what are you waiting for.

Ripper Seeds seedbank clothes and merchandise

Another factor in which Ripper Seeds has learnt to take competitors appart is in the look. If you like wearing skater-like clothes, and show a comic-type designs, Ripper Seeds clothes ismade for you. You can purchase T-shirts, hoodies, keyrings, caps, stickers, patches, pins with the logo of each Ripper strain or even skate boards with the icon of every RIpper Seeds genetics.

Ripper Seeds final reviews and general opinions

Before writing our own review, we like to expose what other growers like you, that have already grown strains from this seedbank. The first feeling once you talk about Ripper Seeds with other growers is the fact that this seedbank is selling quality seeds, that guarantee promised results that do not trick on growers.

Thanks to this high quality standard, Ripper Seeds genetics have dmeonstrated, in hands of very different growers, to be able to win as many awards that don't fit in a shelf. If this is not enough for you we don't know any better trust certificate.

Our personal opinion, after had grown almost all their genetics: SantYerbasi considers that just few seedbanks offer the quality of this seedbank. No matter if you are looking for a heavy yielder strain or you are looking for that singular genetics that distinguish from all the rest. Ripper Seeds has in their seed catalogue a seed that will match your needings.

In general you'll find quick flowering genetics (8-9 weeks), with some strain more sativa that enlarges slightly these dates. If your fear is you have never grown before seeds from this seedbank you can trust them. Further than likes, colors and effects, what you will get from Ripper Seeds strains is always quality.

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