Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is the Investigation and Development department of green House seed Co. This section of Green House, dedicated to research of worldwide original strains, base its work on the research of what is called landraces. It's known as landraces those pure strains (genetically) located in certain areas for years crossing with same family specimen. Landraces have as one of main chracteristics their strong dominant character (as a strain and in future crosses). Strain Hunters, after developing found strains, selecting and crossing, offers now on its catalogue a wide range of varieties apeared during the research. Strain Hunters Seed Bank adds to every pack a DVD with strain's history and origin. In this category user may find Strain Hunters Seeds from all over the world: Colombia, India, Malawai, Morocco... In packs of 3 seeds, 5 seeds an 10 feminized seeds.
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