Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds: A Success Story

Sweet Seeds: Innovation in Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Seeds began its cannabis adventure in 2005 by producing and distributing marijuana seeds. In the early 2000s, feminized marijuana seeds emerged in the market, and this cannabis revolution was led by Sweet Seeds in Spain with high-quality seeds that caused a sensation at the time. Black Jack, Sweet Tai, and S.A.D. were pioneers in female seeds and have become classics and essential for any marijuana cultivator. The breeders at Sweet Seeds not only innovated in the Spanish seed market but also expanded worldwide over the years, becoming a reference. They have achieved a high level of quality in marijuana seeds not only with their feminized genetic varieties but also with an investment in development reflected in their high-quality autoflowering strains such as Black Cream, Red Poison, and Dark Devil, characterized by their predominantly red flowers with purplish-blue tones.

Sweet Seeds: An Award-Winning Seed Bank

Championship marijuana seeds.

If there's one thing that distinguishes Sweet Seeds as a seed bank, it's the multitude of awards they have won since the brand was founded. These awards have been given to Sweet Seeds seeds in a wide range of categories: indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation, extractions, best indica, best sativa, indoor Hydro cultivation, BHO extractions, marijuana tastings, and more. The list of award-winning seeds from Sweet Seeds is endless...

Cannabis Awards for Photoperiod-dependent Seeds

  • Black Jack - 10
  • Cream Caramel - 25
  • Ice Cool - 7
  • S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 - 14
  • Crystal Candy - 1
  • Sweet Tai - 8
  • Wild Rose - 6
  • Green Poison - 18
  • Jack 47 - 5
  • Mohan Ram - 9
  • Flash Back - 2
  • Ganesh Spirit - 2
  • Double White - 1
  • Cream 47 - 4
  • Sweet Cheese - 3
  • Psicodelicia - 1
  • Snow Fruit - 1
  • Green Poison F1 Fast Version - 2
  • Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version - 1
  • Jack 47 F1 Fast Version - 1
  • Cream Mandarine F1 Fast Version - 1
  • San Fernando Lemon Kush - 4
  • Killer Kush F1 Fast Version - 2
  • S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious F1 Fast Version - 1
  • Big Foot - 1
  • Chem Beyond Diesel, C.B.D - 1
  • Gorilla Girl - 2
  • Sweet Amnesia Haze - 1
  • Ice Cool CBD - 1

Cannabis Awards for Autoflowering Seeds

  • Cream Mandarine Auto - 1
  • Honey Peach Auto CBD - 1
  • Cream Mandarine XL Auto - 1
  • Sweet Skunk Auto - 1
  • Red Poison Auto - 2
  • Cream Caramel Auto - 2
  • Ice Cool Auto - 1
  • Big Devil Family - 1
  • Big Devil XL Auto - 3
  • Bloody Skunk Auto - 2
  • Speed Devil Auto - 1
  • Fast Bud#2 Auto - 2
  • Sweet Trainwreck Auto - 1

XL Auto Cannabis Varieties

The development carried out by the breeders at Sweet Seeds has succeeded in increasing the growth and flowering of first-generation autoflowering varieties. After extensive selection and crossing work among the best seed specimens, Sweet Seeds has developed what is commonly known as XL Auto varieties (up to the 5th generation of autoflowering). This improved version of autoflowering genetics not only results in larger plants, resinous buds, and increased final production in each marijuana harvest but also enhances the taste, aroma, and resin production, bringing them closer to their non-autoflowering sisters or, rather, photoperiodic varieties.

Sweet Seeds CBD Varieties

Sweet Seeds is not oblivious to the increasing demand for cannabis varieties with high CBD content due to their medicinal properties. That's why their research and development department has introduced new crosses to the market, characterized by a higher content of Cannabidiol (CBD). The great selection and crossing work of cannabis strains result in Sweet Seeds CBD genetics that maintain all the taste, aroma, and production of their THC-rich counterparts.

Sweet Seeds F1 Fast Version Genetics

Another classification we find within the Sweet Seeds seed bank is the F1 Fast Version varieties. These genetics have been developed with the aim of shortening the flowering period of their best strains while maintaining the production, taste, and quality of their late-flowering sisters. The main advantage of these F1 Fast Version varieties lies in the fact that they are ready to harvest up to 15-20 days earlier in outdoor marijuana cultivation, allowing cultivation in regions with short summers or where the first rains usually appear at harvest time. Indoors, the use of Sweet Seeds F1 Fast Version seeds ensures that cultivators obtain more harvests per year, improving annual flower production by almost 20%.

Sweet Seeds Red Family Varieties

The Sweet Seeds Red Family encompasses all varieties (feminized or autoflowering) that develop purple or red-colored flowers. These types of genetics have become highly appreciated by consumers, as they not only yield flowers with an interesting and distinctive purple color but also maintain excellent taste, aroma, and effect.

Sweet Seeds USA Varieties

It is widely known that some of the most popular varieties in the current cannabis scene have been developed in the United States. Sweet Seeds is not unaware of this growing demand for American genetics and has made efforts to obtain some of the best clones from the most commercial American varieties to cross them with some of their well-known strains. The result is Sweet Seeds genetics with all the taste, aroma, and final quality of the best American cannabis varieties.

Looking for quality seeds that are highly productive , with enormous buds, and quick and easy to grow?

Sweet Seeds fulfills these qualities and more. From Sant Yerbasi, we recommend the following seed lines:

If you want to grow fast anytime:

AUTO Seeds from Sweet Seeds

If you want to grow ultra-fast anytime:

F1 Fast Version Seeds

If you want to grow enormous marijuana buds and have bountiful harvests:

XXL Seeds

Differences between Sweet Seeds cannabis seeds and other seed banks on the market:

  • It is a high-quality seed bank with a philosophy focused primarily on developing and enhancing the flavors and aromas of marijuana plants to the highest levels of quality.
  • Specialized in autoflowering seeds.
  • Specialized in hyper-fast cultivation seeds.
  • Offers one of the widest catalogs on the market, covering all types of varieties: Skunk, Haze, Purple, Kush, Afghan.
  • You can buy good, beautiful, affordable, and highly productive seeds.
  • Red Family varieties are aesthetically spectacular.

Buy Sweet Seeds seeds at Santyerbasi:

Santyerbasi grow shop always supports champion marijuana seeds, which is why we always try to keep our stock of Sweet Seeds up to date. In our catalog of Sweet Seeds marijuana seeds, you will find the latest releases that appear on the market, as well as the essential best sellers. Thanks to Sweet Seeds, marijuana growers have access to the best feminized and autoflowering seeds at affordable prices.

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Cream Caramel Auto
I loved it.
this strain has a great aroma, my favorite so far. I must also say that they are the plants that have grown the most, among those I have grown. I will surely repeat in the future.
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