The Plant Organic Seeds

The Plant, after 20 years preserving best cannabis genetics from all over the world, and produced seeds for some of the best seedbanks, has decided to present their own cannabis seedbank.

The Plant Organic Seeds is a cannabis seedbank producing all their strains within organic growing-methods, thinking about the medical future of users and growers.

All seeds by The Plant organic Seeds  are produced using cuttings from mother-plants, so the offspring will be always the same. This way the original cannabis strain is kept intact.

During the whole seed breeding process, only organic nutrients are used, what actually guarantees a superior product quality. Once harvested, seeds are dried and stored meticulously, keeping the atention on humidity levels, keeping the seeds in optimal conditions to asure a perfect drying stage, and also improving the germination ratio. Once seeds had been classified, and all those that don't meet the standards discard, all seeds are submitted to short-wave UV lightto avoid pathogen proliferation.

The packaging system of The Plant organic seeds selects, counts, and packs every strain in a unique place, what avoids any possible error along the process that may derive in a woring labeling.

Checking The Plant Organic Seeds strain catalogue, we'll find different collections grouped by type of strain:

The Plant Organic Seeds Originals: With unknown genetics of new generation.

The Plant Organic Seeds Permanents: With strains from elite clone collection.

The Plant Organic Seeds Organics: Versions of mitical strains grown organically.

The pLant Organic Seeds sells their strains in 3-seed, 5-seed, or 10-seed seedpacks, all of them feminized.

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