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Marshal Lux Soldiers Lighting-400w
Marshal Lux Soldiers Lighting-600w
Marshal Lux 400w or 600w HPS lamps are a perfect choice for indoor growers who whant best performances for the lowest price. Marshal Lux lamps produce the highest lumens intensity for a biggier yielding crop. Soldiers Lighting's Marshal Lux are best choice thanks to its growing and flowering spectrum in just one bulb.

MARSHAL LUX 400w and 600w High Pressure Sodium Lamps  are specially developed for commercial use indoors, hydroponics and greenhouses.

The spectrum of the
MARSHAL LUX lamps is mixed type ( can be used for the growing phase and flowering phase) .

Increased flux of light and photons compared to standard HPS lamps .

Reliability for the entire crop cycle.

CAP Base E40 ceramic suitable for wet environments.

For lighting large areas of horticulture for enhanced photosynthesis and growth .

This lamp and powered equipment required according to the IEC standard HPS Plus .

Technical Specifications:


Watts: 400w

Voltage: 220v - 250v

Ignition voltage : 4.5KVs

Lamp current : 4.6A

Lumens: 56,000

Photon flux : 710

burning position : Universal Base E40


Watts: 600w

Voltage: 220v - 250v

Ignition voltage : 4.5KVs

Lamp current : 6.2A

Lumens: 90,000

Photon flux : 1080

burning position : Universal Base E40

Precautions :

Maximum allowable voltage variation : + -2.5 % of the nominal voltage.

Make sure the lamp is properly screwed into the socket.

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