Medusa watering dripper

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12 outlet. 2,27 l/h per outlet. Extra micron washable filter. Easy to change the small capilair. Possible to close 8 outlets.

Autocompensante dropper with 12 outputs.

It has a washable filter that prevents internal blockage of capillaries.

8 plugs are also available to block up to 8 outputs (if they will not use).

The capillaries a meter and connecting the tube is 25 mm, so that you can mount an irrigation system for hundreds of plants in a few minutes.
Online connection dropper irrigation Medusa

Medusa can connect in-line, in the gardens with a larger number of plants. The connection is made with tube under the following relationship:

Maximum 6 Medusa in Watermaster 3500 l / h

Maximum 10 Medusa in Watermaster 5000 l / h

Maximum 25 Medusa in Watermaster 7000 l / h

Maximum 30 Medusa in Watermaster 11000 l / h

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  1. Paul asks Jun 12, 2017

    hi there,

    i like to order this product. Do you ship to holland and if so, whats the cost ? andby what shippingcompany?

    kind regards

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Jun 12, 2017

      Hello Paul,
      Yes we do ship to Holland using UPS. As the price changes depending on each destination, weight and volume of the order, add the products you like, and then introduce your details to preview the shipping cost.

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