Methacrylate desiccators for bho

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Methacrylate desiccators for bho-150mm
Methacrylate desiccators for bho-200mm
Methacrylate desiccators for bho-250mm
Methacrylate desiccators for bho

Among the fans of resins and concentrates extractions is very common the use of desiccants for purging.

Desiccators are composed of two major pezas (hood body) and a seal ensuring sealing. This allows to obtain a vacuum seal inside using a suction air.

This operation is called a purge, and is essential to remove the gas from the concentrate prior to consumption.

These desiccants made in methacrylate (lightweight, economical and easy to clean).

We have 3 sizes of desiccator (depending on the diameter of the bell):

Methacrylate Desiccator 150mm

Methacrylate Desiccator 200mm

Methacrylate Desiccator 250mm

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