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Our personal tribute to STS' father, without him any of our different feminized strains could have existed. We translated this into an wonder plant. Crossing between our SAD and a White Widow.

Our personal tribute to the father of This genetic variation is based on the selection of a White Widow that we have crossed with our sweet S.A.D. S1. The White Widow gives a fresh, floral, fruity touch to the sweet musk of our S.A.D. The result is a powerful and large effect. It blooms quickly, it’s easy to cultivate and it has an exquisite aroma.
The result is an ideal plant, predominantly Indica with a spectacular production of resin crystals and a strong and lasting effect that flower quickly and easily cultivated, and also with an exquisite aroma.

2º Prize-  - Indoor Hydro- XIV Copa de la Marihuana, Madrid, 2011


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