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NeemPro is a natural wide spectrum insecticide, from vegetable origin, with a base of azadirachtin. This substance is one of the most rich, and with higher values of active ingredients, from Neem tree fruits. NeemPro can be applied as preventive, and to remove pests of insects, along all stages of growth.

¿What is NeemPro?

NeemPro is a neem tree extract, with high content of azadirachtin, one of the compounts with highes values in active ingredients.

¿What does NeemPro works for?

NeemPro is a wide spectrum insecticide that works against: aphids, white flies, ground fly, mites, pnematodes, cochineal... It can be used to prevent and control pests of insects and mites with high efficiency.

In general NeemPro is suitable for any type of grow, in which health problems are detected due phitopathogen organisms, when you want to combat them with a product without risks for humanbeing nor enviroment.

¿Recommended dose of NeemPro?

Recommends a  dose between 1,5 and 2,5 ml per liter of water.In case of prevention applications is better to use a dose of 1,5 ml/L. if a pest has been detected then better to use a stronger dose of 2,5 ml/L.

How to use NeemPro

Once the product is mixed in water, spray plants paying a special attention to the bottom of the leaves.

It is recommended to apply the product during low light intensity periods, to favor persistance of it, and avoid possible burns that may appear due the magnifying glass effect.

NeemPro security term before harvest

If we applied NeemPro to our plants, it is recommended to wait for 10-15 days from last application before harvesting. This way we will be sure there isn't any trace of it in our fruits and vegetables.

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