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NL5 Haze Mist is another unforgetable strain from Green House Seeds. NL% Haze Mist is ideal for SCROG and LST gardens. NL5 Haze Mist was born crossing two impressive sativas: (NL% x Haze) x Kali Mist.

Floración interior: 11 semanas con una producción de hasta 700g/m2. Internudos y ramas largos. Buena para SCRog o LST.

Floración exterior: Lista para tercera semnana de Octubre. Producción de hasta 800g/planta. Alta y robusta.

Efecto: Sativa con efecto cerebral, lleno de luces y colores y un suave efecto físico.

THC: 14,64%

Premios: 1º HTCC 1996

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  1. Robert Hadsell asks Aug 31, 2021

    Growing outdoors in Upstate New York, USA
    Weeks flowering?
    Cost of 3 pack
    Cost of 5 pack
    Thank you for you time and consideration


    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Aug 31, 2021

      Hi Robert,
      The flowering period of this sativa is 11 weeks (10 to 12 depending on each phenotype would be more accurate).
      About prices the best way to know the price in dollars is to use google converter so you know the exact price that day.

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