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Athena Fertilizers and Boosters

Athena is a leading fertilizing company in the United States market. Athena nutrients and boosters have been developed in Los Angeles (california), to bring the best solution to the modern grower. These products stand for ease of use, but also for quality and yields per crop.

Athena Nutrients are formuled to improve quality, reduce costs and asure consistent results in every crop.

Athena products for cannabis growing

Athena has set 3 different product-types that can be grouped into the following:

Pro Line: Powder fertilizers

This range of products groups water soluble powdery nutrients. These are fertilizers in a wettable powder form, that are easily dissolved in water, so they let you safe money in transport, besides being highly concentrated. Inside this Pro Line products you will find: Core, Grow and Bloom.

Blended Line: Liquid nutrients and stimulators

Blended Line is the Athena liquid nutrients range of products. Inside this group you can find base nutrients, stimulators, lack solvers and other useful products for plants growing. Products like Grow A+B, Bloom A+B, PK, CaMg, Stack, Balance or Cleanse.

IPM Line: Pest control

The IPM Line is composed by products to prevent and control pests. Products like wide spectrum insecticides and fungicides like IPM, or specific against mildew like Mildew Control.

Characteristics of Athena fertilizers

One of the main characteristics of Athena products is that have been formuled by growers for growers. With this starting point Athena has earned a place in most grower collectives' shelf to guarantee:

  • Professional superior quality product: No matter how many times brands repeat something, it is not a fact that it is true. In this case Athena nutrients have reached a great popularity thanks to some cannabis growers collectives like Jungle Boys (who frequently show their results using these products in their gardens.
  • Ease of use (keep it simple): Unlike other brands who may want to confuse growers with products that might not need, Athena gets consistent results with only a line of 6 products. Sometimes the solution is to simplify and this is one of those.
  • Savings in price:Another point for Athena is the price. Their products offer a price per liter of nutrient solution really cheap (much lower than most of other nutrient brands). In addition if you use the Pro line products (powdery form), Athen asures you the lowest cost per liter of nutrient solution in market.
  • Stable Ph: Athena nutrients and boosters are carefully formuled so the pH of the nutrient solution will be perfectly balanced. If you properly use their products you don't have to worry about unconsistent pH. It will always be on point.

Featured Athena nutrients Blended Line products

Athena Grow A+B nutrients for growing stage

Athena Grow A+B are a liquid 2-part (A`+B) fertilizer that sources plants with all needed elements for vegetative stage, transition and early flowering. The 2 compounds must be used in equal parts when adding to nutrient solution. Grow A-B can be used in all growing mediums (soil, coco and hydroponics).

Athena Bloom A+B bloom fertilizer

Athena Bloom A+B is a liquid 2-part base nutrient formuled specifically for bloom stages of plants. Bloom A+B enhaces flower formation and developement, maximizing size and weight of buds. It can be used in all growing mediums, besides manual and automated irrigation.

Athena Stack Root and Flowering booster

Athena Stack is a 100% organic stimulator formuled with seaweed. This booster sources vitamines, aminoacids, hormones and other elements that enhance root developement along vegetative stage, and flower developement during flowering stage. Improves nutrient uptake and is useful to solve soft lacks of nutrients.

PK: Feed your plants with extra phosphorus and potassium

The use of products commonly known as PK is almost mandatory for maximum flower developement, not only size but also density and aroma. Exists an open debate in-between fertilizing companies about which are the proper amounts of phosphorus and potassium a PK should contain to be effective. In this case Athen offers a PK with very low content of nitrogen (0-4-5). This PK is formuled to be used as complement to base nutrients. Remember to feed your plants with extra PK from week 3 until end of week 7 of bloom.

Supplemental Calcium and Magnesium with CaMg

Calcium and Magnesium are key for a proper developement of cannabis plants. Specially if you work with RO water (EC=0,0), it is so important to add small amounts of these elements before adding the rest of nutrients and boosters. Also useful to solve soft deficiencies, this products can be added in irrigation, but it can be also useful in foliar spray to solve soft lacks (specially during rooting process).

Cleanse to keep clean your growing system and roots

This product is another key element, specially for those growers who use grow systems or automatic dripping systems. Cleands not only is important to keep your roots white and healthy. The magic of Cleanse is its capacity to clean those parts of the grow system from attached particles that could cause problems in future cycles. With Cleanse your system will be in perfect state for the next grow cycle.

Feeding your plants with Athena grow schedule

If you have any doubt about recommended dosages of each Athena product you can check the feed charts sourced by this brand. We have added these grow schedules to every Athen product so they are easy to find.

If you have the Athena feed chart but you still wonder how to use a product do not hesitate to ask us. We will be pleased to help

Why you should purchase Athena nutrients and reviews

First we would like to say that Athena is one of the greatest news we've added for this 2022. This is a nutrient company we really wanted to try. We have been watching results got by american growers who use them (like Jungle Boys) so the surprise has been notorious but not as much (because as we already say we did know that results were good in all possible terms.

Going deeper to describe which ones their pros and cons, Athena represents a great new for european growers, with a range of products easy to use, dose and feed. What's the advantage of it? Do not cheat ourselves, everyone can commit an error, if you minimize possibilities of error you will maximize possibilities of success.

Another factor that we think is interesting is the formula of Athen products that trully balances pH values of nutrient solution to optimal for cannabis plants. And we like to highlight this trully because many brands state that they do but once in the field you realize it is not true. Further more than an important value, it helps saving headaches (cannabis growers have too much of those, we don't need a single one more).

To finish our review, lets talk about price, specially when talking about Pro Line (powder) it is really cheap to use these nutrients. The Blend Line is also cost effective when calculating the cost per liter of nutrient solution. And we don't state this for telling whatever, make your numbers and you will notice that if these are not the cheapest in market is one of the cheapest, no doubt. And all these virtues surrounded by a very high quality and heavy yield value. If you were considering about changing your line of nutrients this is your chance to improve yields, appeal and quality of your crop.

--> If you want to delve deeper into this range of Athena fertilizers, I invite you to explore the Blog post:

Athena Nutrients: Leader in Fertilizers in California and Guide to Using their Cultivation Table

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