BAC is a company specialized in producing fertilizers and boosters for growth. In their wide range of products, we find organci fertilizers and stimulators, besides sinthetic nutrients and boosters, to give solutin to all growers needings, who will find in BAC products a top quality solution, concentration, and great final results in every crop.

 B.A.C. (Biological Activated Cocktail) stand for the will of this Dutch company in producing top quality nutrients and boosters, highly concentrated, delivering all needed elements for a maximum plant developement, since early growing stage until late stages of flowering.

In-between its compounds, B.A.C. fertilizers help promoting and feeding substrate's microbiological life, improving resistance of plants to insects and pests attacks.

One of the secrets for BAC nutrients efficiency is its Yucca content, which helps improving nutrient uptake, besides substrate's water retention, and foliar spray uptake.

BAC fertilizers

  • Fast Food
  • Organic Grow
  • Organic Bloom
  • Final Solution
  • One Component Soil Grow
  • One Component Soil Bloom
  • Bio Tablets

BAC boosters

  • Root Stimulator
  • Plant Vitality Plus
  • Auto Stimulator
  • Xseeds
  • Superbud Extreme Booster
  • Bloom Stimulator
  • Organic PK Booster
  • Pro Active
  • Foliar Spray

B.A.C. for cuttings

  • Bio Clone
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