Bio Nova

Bio Nova  is a well-known company that produces one of the best fertilizers and boosters for growth. The experience achieved by BioNova after many years of studies and investigation has given them a great knowledge, what derives in top quality products.

In-between their distinguishing characteristics we find pure, enviromental friendly, ease of use, heavy yields, and superior quality results, what gives this company a higher satisfaction in-between their users.

Bio Nova fertilizers and stimulators are highly concentrated, and specific for each type of grower. In their catalogue we will find  fertilizers for each type of growing medium (soil, coco and hydroponics), besides specific fertilizers for autoflowering plants.

Bio Nova fertilizers

Nutri Forte A+B

Coco Forte A+B

Soil Supermix

Hydro Supermix

NFT Aqua Supermix

Long Flower Supermix

Autoflower Supermix

Bio Nova stimulators


BN X-Cel

The Missing Link

BN Roots

BN Zym







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