Elite 91

Elite 91

Elite 91 es una empresa dedicada a la producción de estimuladores y potenciadores de crecimineto y floración. Los productos Elite 91 son conocidos por la alta calidad de las materias primas utilizadas, lo que deriva en un mayor beneficio en las plantas, que desarrollarán un mayor potencial.

Elite 91 is a brand specialized in enhancers and boosters for growth and flowering. Elite 91 products are known for the highest quality of raw materials used, what derives in more benefits for plants, that will performance to its full potential.

The Elite 91 additives and boosters products offer specific solutions for each stage of the growing cycle, like Clones, that improves rooting process, Roots that multiplies roots in an explosive way, besides Myco Jordan a professional innoculant formuled with mycorhizal fungi.

In between Elite 91 additives overstands Silicic Acid that sources plants with a bioactive source of silicon that reinforces plant's structure, and increases nutrient uptake. We also find the popular Cal Mag, that sources all the needed calcium and magnesium for an explosive developement of plants (being also good to correct any possible defficiency that may occur during the process.

Recenetly Elite 91 also came out with Flowers, a powerful additive specifically formuled for flowering stage of plants, that increases yields and density of flowers as well as resin production.

Elite 91 Nutrients

Type: Additives and boosters for plants.

For: Indoor and outdoor growing.

Benefits of use: Improve growth and flowering of plants, besides increasing nutrient uptake.

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