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Emerald Harvest fertilizers and boosters

Emerald Harvest is a premium fertilizer and booster company that source your plants with all essential elements for a quick growth and abondant bloom.

Emerald Harvest products base its efficiency in three concepts: Simple, easy and success. If you belive the reason of your low crops could be in the fertilizers and boosters you are using...

Los productos Emerald Harvest basan su eficacia en tres conceptos pilares: Simple, fácil y éxito. Si crees que la razón a tus cosechas escasas podría estar en la gama de abonos y estimuladores que utilizas...

¿Why not trying premium nutrients that asure better results?

If we talk about improving yields, quality and taste of your crop, aren't you interested? Yes right? And why are you still using products that don't give you back what you need? Emerald Harvest has been nominated during consecutive years to the prize of best cannabis fertilizer in United States.

You do know American market and its requirements at all levels. Can you imagine a fertilizer company from California not selling a good product that guarantee optimal results? Not right? Leave your plant's nutrition in hands of professionals and feel the change with Emerald Hrvest.

Why purchase Emerald Harvest Nutrients

As we already said, Emerald Harvest has developed a range of nutrients with a one main focus: improve the end result simplifying the application. As a grower it is normal to worry about not only final yields, but also about quality, appearance, taste and flavor of your flowers.

The Emerald Harvest fertilizers are Bio-sinthetic products that guarantee a better result in any growing mediums (soil, coco and hydroponics).

And how to get higher yields than any nurtrient company competitor in market? The answer is simple but effective: Besides all essential nutrients, Emerald Harvest includes 4 chelated compounds that ease nutrient uptake, in addition to boost metabolic andphotosinthetic processess of plants.

  1. Copper.
  2. Iron
  3. Magnesium
  4. Zinc

3-part base nutrients Vs 2-part fertilizers

At Emerald Harvest they let you choose between 2 excellent nutrient formulas to feed your plants.

If you are used to work with 3-part base nutrients, do not hesitate to give Grow, Micro and Bloom a try. The combination of these three fertilizers allows you to cover all plant's needings during the whole growth cycle (grow stage and flowering stage). You only need to follow the Emerald Harvest feed chart to know how to dose each product per week of the growing cycle.

If instead of this option you look for a more easy to use formula, to avoid possible errors preparing the nutrient solution, Emerald Harvest has the 2-part base nutrient for grow and for bloom stage (Cali Pro A+B Grow and Cali Pro Bloom A+B). This type of fertilizers is very easy-to-use, and avoids confusions preparing the solution.

No matter what, you can fully trust your plants will be fed with everything needed for an explosive grow and bloom.

Emerald Harvest grow stimulators and flowering boosters

Up to this line we have explained how Emerald Harvest works and their different nutrient lines but... ¿Is there any grower who does not look for a booster to enhance the results (growing stimulators and flowering enhancers)?

Keep reading because you arrived to the place to deeply know and understand all Emerald Harvest products to get best results per crop.

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard stimulator

The reason why Root Wizard is magic for your roots is because it sources them with large amounts of beneficial bacterias that take care of not only improving the nutrient uptake but also to transform non-uptaken mollecules into uptaken. The result? Plants that begin developing before, that finally get bigger size and more side-branching, better prepared to increase the total weight of the crop.

Emerald Goddess biocatalyst for growth

Emerald Goddess is one of the key points of the Emerald Harvest formula. This biocatalyst acts in a positive way in building a plant able to grow faster and flower intenser, thanks to the use of kelp and alfalfa.

Emerald Goddes increases nutrient uptake besides root developement, what is got sourcing natural proteins and aminoacids, humic acids, B1 vitamines and small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Honey Chome carbohydrates to improve taste, flavor and resin production

Sure that at least once you've seen flowers with a great appeal but with null taste and smell. Honey Chome, thanks to the use of carbohydrates, intesifies the taste and aromas of the genetics to get the desired result. Honey Chome in addition brings small amounts of magnesium, that improves photosynthesis and help in sugar moving, nitrogent, phosphorus and potasium, that act as supplement.

King Kola bud enhancer for bloom

King Kola is a 3-in-1 booster with vegetable origin proteins, that increases flower production, its developement and rippening to get more abondant and heavier crops.

The King Kola bud enhancer works thanks to the source of phosphorus and potassium, besides vegetable origin proteins derived from hemp (natural chelates L-aminoacids). King Kola also carries a small amount of nitrogent for an overall growth improvement.

Sturdy Stalk silicon supplement against stress

Silicon is an elment known as an anti-stress for plants, besides improving its strength and increasing the efficientcy of nutrients usage.

Sturdy Stalk asures your crop to be bigger than usual, with more resistant plants agains stress situations. In addition, the better use of nutrients sourced helps the plant to increase flower production, weight and crop.

Calcium and Magnesium Cal-Mag to keep plants green and healthy

Any grower with medium experience will know that sourcing Calcium and Magnesium to your plant's diet is basic to get best results.

These two elements combined in Cal-Mag source the needed supplemental elements so your plants can stay green and reach their best performance in terms of health but also in terms of final yields.

Specially if you are growing in coco or in hydroponics, Cal-Mag reduces the risk of suffering any lack of Calcium and Magnesium in your plants, what could turn into a dramatically loss of final yields. Cal-Mag also sources your plants with kelp, a natural protein source and biocatalyst very beneficial for plants.

Emerald Harvest pH UP & pH Down

Everybody knows that pH adjusting is crucial for your plants to properly uptake nutrients in a quicker and more effective way. With pH Up and pH Down by Emerald Harvest you'ññ get two concentrated acids that get to change the pH of your nutrient solution quickly and for long time with just few drops.

Hydra Clear system cleaner after harvest

Hydra Clear is a multienzymatic and 100% natural grow system and surface cleaner. The goal of Hydra Clear is to clean all residuals in any growing system or pot, to leave them as new, ready for the new growing cycle.

This is an enzymatic compound that brakes down the fungi and bacteria staying in the growing surfaces and closed growing systems, removing potential cloaks without damaging the system. This is highly concentrated and works instantly in a 100% secure way.

Feed chart and doses: How to use Emerald Harvest

As we previously said, one of the main virtues of Emerald Harvest is that they get a nutrient and boosters kit that trully are easy to use. This simplicity is the key for all growers, with more or less experiencie, to get excellent results in every crop.

If you have any doubt about how to dose each product, of how and when you should add Emerald Harvest fertilizers you can check the feed chart we attached to each product. This growing schedules are available for 3-part and 2-part base nutrients.

Emerald Harvest products final reviews and price

First we want to be clear about something: This brand is one of our major surprises this year. This is a fertilizing company that sells a superior quality product, highly concentrated with a very good quality/price ratio.

In our case we decided to test both lines of base nutrients (2-part and 3-part) combined with all the boosters and stimulators. After these tests we did not notice any major difference in developement nor final yields between Grow, Micro and Bloom, and the Cali Pro Grow and Cali Pro Bloom.

We like to mention this information because we really think Emerald Harvest did a great job in both lines, so the grower can be sure the end result no matter the products used will be guaranteed.

Personally we liked more to work with the Cali Pro Grow A+B and Cali Pro Bloom A+B base line, because it is quicker and easier to dose them without commiting errors. Even though, those growers (specially those growing in hydroponic systems) probably prefer to work with the 3-part nutrients as they are more used to them.

About price, we must say that at first look it can seem to be pricey, but the concentration of the product, and the quality of it makes you think its even cheaper than other nutrients. This is a rarely seen quality and concentration in-between nutrient companies, so you get the chance to get success that you barely get with other brands.

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