Terra Aquatica

Terra Aquatica
Terra Aquatica brand formerly named General Hydroponics has been, is and will be, a reference in the professional sector of the horticulture, especially in indoor growing. Its 3 parts formula Grow-Micro-Bloom has become one of the most complete fertilizer for growth in any substrate, such as soil or coco, plus one of the best options for hydroponics and aeroponics. In addition to its range 3 parts, recently, they have also developed a new formula FloraDuo, and their existing BioSevia Grow and BioSevia Bloom. Terra Aquatica offers in its growing range of stimulators, root stimulator as Bio Roots, cell activators such as Bio Protect, or blooming enhancers like Bio Bloom. All with the label that guarantees its organic composition.
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