Metrop nutrients and boosters are formulated under higest quality standards, allways targeting in offering a better quality product.

Metrop products are highly concentrated, and are suitable for growing in all kinds of mediums and substrates: soil, coco and hydroponics, so with small amount you get to prepare large amounts of nutrient solution, being cheap in long term for big scale growers and for homegrowers.

All Metrop Line, for vegetative and flowering stage, manufactured by Metrop have biological origin, and include the maximum nutrients quantity uptaken by plants in each phase of growth.

Metrop, in collaboration with specialized laboratories, has developed products with a high concentration that give solution to specific and general problems.

As Metrop only uses first quality raw materials to produce Metrop nutrients and stimulators, these compounds are Cadmium free, don't include Chlorine, nor other heavy metals. Thanks to its complex formula, the final grower obtains a healthier and tastier product.

All Metrop Nutrients can be applied in foliar spray, to solve any defficiency quickly.

Metrop line is composed by 1 growing nutrient (MR1), a flowering nutrient (MR2), Root+ (root enhancer), AminoXtrem (flowering booster), Additive Enzymes (highly concentrated enzymes for all stages of plant cycle), besides MAM (fertilizer for motherplants) and Calgreen (Calcium and Magnesium additive).

If you have any doubt about application or recommended dose of metrop products you can check Metrop feed chart where it is shown a growing cycle week per week, with the recommended dose of each product in ml/100L.


  • Metrop MR1
  • Metrop MR2
  • Metrop Root+
  • Metrop Calgreen
  • Metrop AminoXtrem
  • Metrop Additive Enzymes
  • Metrop MAM
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