Xtreme Gardening

Xtreme Gardening is a brand founded in 2008, specialized in biological inoculants production, to improve the performance of your crop, deriving in higher yields, and higher quality of the end product.

Xtreme Gardening is a sub-division of RTI (Reforestation Technologies International), the older american brand that sources best quality biological inoculants.

X-treme Gardening was born with the goal of inspiring a new generation of growers, who look for maximized crops and quality, whitin biological additives. Beneficial microbes contained in Xtreme Gardening products allow growers to unlock the true potential of them plants, without needing to use sinthetic fertilizers to get good yields.

Looking to Xtreme Gardening products we'll find Mykos, Azos, Xtreme Tea and Calcarb, each one of these works in an specific function in plants, that will radical improve your results, no matter wich they were.

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