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Old School marijuana, by Ripper Seeds, reminds to those strains that became famous in Dutch coffee shops, in the 90s decade. Old School is a crossing UK Cheese x Black Domina (selected on late 90s). Old School's taste is sweet, while its flavours are pure incense, with soily tones. Old School is ready to harvest after 65 days of flowering indoors, on late November outdoors, with high yields.

Of the original plant selection exqusita and maintained for decades, there is a hybrid in the style of OLD SCHOOL. Cross between the most famous clone in the UK “original cheese”and the most powerful Afghan selected late 90 “blackdomina”. A cross of Afghan skunk that will awaken your senses in the most ancient memories and flavors OLD SCHOOL.

Its flavor is sweet, powerful and unique intensity that will transport you to an unforgettable explosion of nuances of high-flying for experienced palates. Its pungent smell of incense and flowers with a touch of earthy and relejación effect physical / mental inconparable, This variety makes it ideal for those eager for the most intense feelings in all parameters of the “old school”.

Vegetative: Of 2 a 4 weeks.
Genotype: 80% Indica .
Indoor flowering: 60/65 days.
Flowering outdoor: Early November.
Production: High.
Effect: Powerful / Intense.

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