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Peak Pro Vaporizer

The Peak Puffco Pro is one of the most successful vaporizers on the cannabis market. With state-of-the-art technology and specially designed for concentrates, it is small in size, very easy to use, practical, resistant and elegantly designed. The Peak Pro Puffco is the ideal vaporizer for careful consumers who like to consume concentrates without losing all their characteristics and nuances. Peak Pro Puffco avoids combustion, filters harmful particles and impurities and is specific for different concentrates such as: BHO, Ice-o-lator, Rosin, etc.


With The Peak Pro from Puffco you can now vape enjoying all the nuances of your best marijuana extractions with state-of-the-art technology, avoiding combustion.

Coming from Puffco, one of the most recognized vaporizer companies in the world of cannabis and awarded for its famous finest designs, we are presented with the new version of the vaporizer called The Peak.
The Peak Pro vaporizer belongs to the range of portable vaporizers called E-nail. This vaporizer has the ability to filter through the water all impure and harmful particles thanks to its electronic atomizer, with a quality ceramic base. All this technology results in an exceptional quality of vapor of concentrates derived from marijuana, sublimating its flavors and nuances.

Is The Peak Pro the best extraction vaporizer on the market?

To say that it is the best vaporizer on the market is very subjective, but if we say that The Peak Pro from Puffco brand is a top vaporizer, and you can now judge for yourself on SantYerbasi, then yes it is. This is the case with your best extractions from your best marijuana crops. Its unbeatable efficiency contrasts with its small size which allows the vaporizer to be taken anywhere. It is divided into 2 parts, one part is the base which includes the battery with a plug for mini USB cable to charge it. On this part you can also control the temperature of the vaporizer by being able to select 4 temperatures according to the priorities: With more power, more quantity of vapor but less nuances in the flavor. With less power, less amount of vapor but more vaporization time of cannabis extraction.

Different colors represent temperatures:

  • Blue -Low 254ºC (490ºF)
  • Green – Medium 265ºC (510ºF)
  • Red – High 276ºC (530ºF)
  • White – Maximum 285ºC (545ºF).

The Peak Pro, in comparison with other E-nails, reaches the selected temperature in 30 seconds, an authentic Ferrari compared with other artifacts with which the waiting time can be hopeless.

The second room is the filter area, where the steam is filtered along with the water. This piece called Bubbler follows the conical design of the vaporizer that makes us think of the classic everyday marijuana bongs, but with a more sophisticated air.

The portable vaporizer The Peak Pro adapts automatically to all weather conditions, with its “standby” mode, the vaporizer will not consume energy, allowing great battery savings.

The Peak Pro a vaporizer with style

Its sophisticated and practical design is one of the strengths of this perfect device. Compact, with an optimal size of 6cm base and a height of 18cm, this allows it to be transported everywhere. With a weight of only 219g and its compact design, elegant and very detailed on the finishes, it transforms the vaping session into an experience for all the senses. For this, The Peak Pro by Puffco needs the best marijuana extractions from the best crops to feel the Nirvana with fullness.

Quality Vapor Vaporizer for the Best Marijuana Concentrates

The main responsible for the quality of The Peak PRO Vaporizer is a key part. This essential part for the quality and solubility of the vaporizer is an atomizer which is composed of different ceramic parts. The atomizer (chamber) is the room where we heat the cannabis material, and the ceramic, with its thermal properties, allows it to withstand the heat without creating new harmful particles that contaminate the vapor, preserving the flavors with a large amount of nuances and smells.

From Puffco Peak to Puffco Peak Pro, differences or new features to note

There are notable differences from the earlier version of the Peak to the newer Pro version. At first glance, a design change is visible. A matte metallic finish appears on its design, which provides greater durability to the vaporizer, being much more resistant to scratches and deterioration through use and time.
The Peak Pro vaporizer incorporates a box that protects the device from knocks and allows you to comfortably transport it anywhere with all its accessories and components.

It keeps the method of charging with a USB cable, but the Peak Pro gives the possibility of charging it by contact with the Peak Pro Power Dock, the additional accessory which is sold separately. Peak Pro Power Dock fully charges the battery in 2 hours and lasts around 30 vaping sessions without a hitch.

The Peak Pro vaporizer shows the charge level by pressing the battery button 3 times and from a range of 3 colors:

Green from 100% to 60% charge

Yellow from 60% to 30% charge

Red for loads below 30%

This ultimate Pro version also incorporates an Oculus Carb Cap, a new ceramic chamber to contain resin or extractions, which concentrates the vapor much better. This new atomizer, or chamber, has the top visible and allows you to keep track of the product as it burns during the vaping session.
Another improvement over the previous version of the Oculus Carb Cap is the size of the resins and extractions receptacle. With 40% more capacity, it makes it easier to incorporate a large amount of marijuana-derived extracts and double the cannabis experience.
Peak Pro also adds a new sensor to the Oculus Carb Cap to control the temperature in precise time. This new technology offers a constant and uniform heating which avoids temperature drops and makes it reliable.The filtering system in the Bubbler has also improved, thanks to an increase in the volume of water.

Control your Peak Pro with precision with the App Experience on mobile

With the Peak Pro bluetooth connection and the installation of the Peak Pro App Experience, you can control the temperatures of the device in a personalized way from your mobile, program and adjust the temperature according to the exact degrees and the exact time. The application allows you to create “MOOD” type lighting that can change according to the taste of each user, with different options of LED lights:

  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Disco
  • Stealth

This lighting can continue even when the device is not in use.

Another of the features of the application is the control of the consumption of extractions. You can create indicative checks of daily vaping sessions.

Using the Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer

If you are wondering if it is complicated to use the Puffco Peak Pro vaporizer, here you have the answer in a few points.

  1. Fill the Bubbler part with a small amount of water.
  2. Place the Bubbler in the second room where the battery is located.
  3. Keep the device battery ignition button pressed.
  4. Select the temperature by pressing the button again and select the desired temperature LED color.
  5. Place the cannabis concentrate in the chamber (Oculus Carb Cap)
  6. To start heating, the button must be pressed twice quickly.
  7. The temperature indicator colors by LED lights will flash and the device will vibrate when the temperature is reached.
  8. You can now vape!!!

Cleaning the Peak Pro

  • After each use, clean the atomizer with a cotton swab before soaking it in alcohol.
  • We can clean the bubbler with a little alcohol.

Technical characteristics of the Puffco Peak Pro:

  • Connectable to the app via Bluetooth
  • Peak Pro Power Dock contact charging (accessory sold separately)
  • USB-C connection
  • Real temperature control
  • Temperatures: 254ºC-285ºC (490ºF/545ºF)
  • Large hermetic ceramic chamber
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • Automatic shutdown
  • 4 heating programs (more options with the app)
  • Quick charge in 2 hours
  • Large water filtration capacity
  • Battery capacity: 30 sessions
  • Heating time: 30 seconds
  • Transport container
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Weight: 219 grams

Puffco Peak Pro Components:

1 Puffco Peak Pro portable vaporizer

1 Oculus carb

1 set of cleaning cotton

1 dabber

1 carrying case

1 charger

1 USB cable

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