Ph- Grow 1l Canna

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The Canna Grow pH Regulator regulates the pH level in water prepared for irrigation. This formula has been developed especially for use during the growth stage of plants. With acidity adjusted to ideal levels, plants take up maximum nutrients, boosting plant growth. With pH Grow you will get a perfect growth phase for explosive flowering!


Thanks to an adjusted balance of acidity levels in the watering mixture, the roots of the plants absorb the nutrients optimally.  This optimal absorption allows a better control of the fertilization of the plant, and therefore the grower will be able to calculate the right amount of nutrients that the plants need, avoiding deficiencies or excesses of nutrients.

Growth PH Grow can be used in soil, hydroponics, rockwool or coco crops.

How to use pH-Grow Canna:

Measure the rank of acidity once the mixture of nutrients has been made in the irrigation water.  If the level is above the desired level, add a few drops to the mixture and measure again.

Repeat the previous steps as necessary until you reach the appropriate level for your plants to better assimilate nutrients.

When you reach the pH level you want your plants to have, let the mixture sit for a few minutes before watering your plants.

Composition of pH- Growth of Canna:

  • 17% Hydrochloric acid
  • 3% Nitric acid.

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