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With Plagron's Alga Bloom, you can enhance the flowering of your plants organically and achieve exceptional results in terms of flower health, size, and aroma. Ensure a fantastic flowering with Alga Bloom!


Alga Bloom: Organic seaweed-based fertilizer for the flowering phase

Alga Bloom is a basic organic nutrient specifically designed for soil cultivation during the plant's flowering stage. This seaweed-based fertilizer ensures the development of robust, healthy, and flowering plants. With Alga Bloom, you can naturally enhance the flowering of your plants and achieve exceptional results in terms of flower health, size, and aroma.

What is Alga Bloom and what is it used for?

Alga Bloom is a liquid fertilizer that contains a combination of essential nutrients derived from seaweed and other plant-based ingredients. It is formulated specifically for use during the plant's flowering phase. By using Alga Bloom, you provide your plants with the necessary nutrients to develop dense, vibrant, and high-quality flowers.

This basic organic fertilizer is ideal for soil cultivation as it provides essential nutrients in a balanced manner and promotes healthy growth. Alga Bloom stimulates plant metabolism, increases chlorophyll production, and promotes the formation of larger and resinous buds. Additionally, its organic composition ensures that no chemical residues remain on your plants, contributing to obtaining a high-quality, flavorful end product.

Advantages of using Alga Bloom

  • Stronger plants: Alga Bloom provides your plants with the necessary nutrients to strengthen their structure and improve their resistance.
  • Abundant flowering: This fertilizer promotes lush and abundant flowering, ensuring a satisfying harvest.
  • Increased bud size and density: Alga Bloom stimulates bud development, allowing for larger, denser, and heavier flowers.
  • Improved aroma and flavor: Thanks to its organic composition, Alga Bloom does not alter the natural aroma and flavor of the flowers, allowing you to enjoy a final product with excellent organoleptic qualities.
  • Protection against fungi: The properties of Alga Bloom, including its high salt content, provide natural protection against the formation of fungi and diseases.
  • Compatibility with other products: Alga Bloom can be used in combination with other Plagron fertilizers and additives to maximize results and adapt to the specific needs of your plants.

Composition and dosage

Alga Bloom is an NPK fertilizer with a composition of 3-2-5, indicating its nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) content. These nutrients are crucial for healthy plant development during the flowering stage.

For proper use, shake the product well before using and add a maximum of 4 ml of Alga Bloom per liter of water (1:250). This nutrient solution should be applied with every watering during the plant's flowering phase. For personalized recommendations, you can use Plagron's online cultivation table calculator.

It is important to note that Alga Bloom is not suitable for hydroponic cultivation. If you use an irrigation system, it is recommended to rinse the pipes after each use to prevent clogging.


Alga Bloom is available in bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 L, as well as in containers of 5 L, 10 L, and 20 L. Please note that size availability may vary by country.

Nutritional Program (Nutritional Table) Alga Bloom

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