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With this new auto version of Purple Punch, you will be able to obtain one of the most popular and productive strains on the market in record time. Barney's Farm has once again pulled off this masterstroke by crossing this living legend with their BF Auto Critical. Don’t wait any longer, you will be delighted with this purple beauty.

Purple Punch Auto Genetics

Purple Punch comes to us from an explosive cross: Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG x Big Bud x Skunk #1. Its impact was such that Barney's Farm decided to make an automatic version of it by crossing it with its BF Auto Critical, which only brings the autoflowering gene without altering the much appreciated characteristics of the original version. This results in an incredibly productive, disease and insect resistant strain that flowers quickly and without fuss. You will be able to harvest Purple Punch Auto in just 60 days maximum from seed germination.

Plant morphology of Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto produces relatively low plants, around 80cm, which will allow the grower to be more discreet and be able to grow it on a balcony or terrace without arousing the neighborhood’s curiosity. Its small size doesn’t prevent its structure from being very branched and bushy and its general resistance provided by Critical allows beginners and experienced growers to obtain very good results. In addition, its purple tones will delight your pupils and bring color to your garden.

Flavor and aroma of the Purple Punch Auto strain

Remember the snack time when a good homemade apple pie awaits you after a long day of school. There you have it, Purple Punch Auto is spreading delicious smells of freshly baked pie, nothing more comforting! These sweet smells will transport you into a nostalgic bubble and will certainly whet your appetite.

Effect of Purple Punch Auto marijuana plant

Do you ever come home exhausted from your day at work? Purple Punch Auto is made for you, its de-stressing properties combined with its pastry flavor will make you forget all the worries of the day. In addition to its relaxing effect, it brings a euphoric side that will make you put things into perspective and release tension. Her THC content of 18% won't knock you out but will ease your muscle aches.

Characteristics of Purple Punch Auto seeds

  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Indica-dominant autoflowering.
  • Genetics: Purple Punch x BF Auto Critical.
  • Flowering: 40 days.
  • Harvest: 50-60 days from germination.
  • Indoor yield: 350-400 g/m2.
  • Outdoor yield: 400g/plant.
  • Interior height: 70-80 cm.
  • Exterior height: 80 cm.
  • Flavor: Apple Pie, Sugar.
  • Aroma: Pastries.
  • Effect: Relaxing, anti-stress.
  • THC: 18%.
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