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Radical Juice Auto by Ripper Seeds maintains the characteristic fruity flavors and aromas of its photoperiod sister. With a relaxing and creative effect, ideal for anti-stress moments or having fun with friends.


List of some of the properties of Radical Juice Auto seeds from Ripper Seeds:

  • Autoflowering Genetics: Radical Juice Auto is an autoflowering seed strain, which means it flowers automatically instead of relying on the light cycle to flower.
  • Balanced and stable genetics: Radical Juice Auto is the result of crossing Tropicana Cookies x Runtz and a rudelaris (auto),
  • Short flowering time: Radical Juice Auto has a flowering time of around 70-75 days from seed germination to bud harvest.
  • Compact Height: Radical Juice Auto plants have a compact height, making them ideal for growing indoors and outdoors in limited spaces.
  • Dense and resinous buds: Radical Juice Auto plants produce dense and resinous buds that are ideal for making cannabis extracts.
  • Pineapple Aroma and Flavor: Radical Juice Autoflowering has an exotic fruit aroma and flavor reminiscent of pineapple and sweet cream.
  • Balanced effect: With a moderate concentration of THC Radical Juice Auto provides a relaxing and creative effect for anti-stress moments or social moments to enjoy with humor
  • Easy to Grow – Radical Juice Auto is an easy to grow strain that is suitable for both novice and experienced growers.

Radical Juice Auto is an autoflowering seed strain developed by Ripper Seeds from indica-dominant genetics. The genetics of Radical Juice auto version is the result of crossing a plant of the Tropicana Cookies variety with a plant of the Runtz variety together with an Auto.

Tropicana Cookies x Runtz are cannabis strains with a high content of fruity terpenes. The plant that develops from these seeds is a medium-sized autoflowering cannabis plant, with a short life cycle of approximately 70-75 days from the germination period. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a quick and easy harvest. Radical Juice Auto is a cannabis plant that produces a large quantity of dense and resinous buds, which contain medium levels of THC. The flavor and aroma of this variety are described as a combination of sweet and fruity flavors with a touch of pineapple flavor and creamy sweet. Radical Juice Auto's effects are primarily relaxing and calming, making it ideal for those looking to relieve stress and keep creativity high. In addition, this variety can also help stimulate appetite and improve mood. Radical Juice Auto is an autoflowering seed strain that can produce dense and resinous buds, making it a good choice for making cannabis extracts.

Radical Juice Auto features:

  • Seed bank: Ripper Seeds.
  • Genre: Autoflowering.
  • Genotype: Indica: Indica dominant.
  • Genetics: Tropicana Cookies x Runtz x Auto.
  • Flowering: 70-75 days from germination.
  • Indoor production: High.
  • Foreign production: High.
  • Internal height: 70-100cm.
  • Outside height: 80-120cm.
  • Taste: Fruits, sweet, pineapple.
  • Aroma: Fruits, sweet and diesel touch.
  • Effect: Relaxing and creative.
  • THC: Medium.
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