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Rhino Skin acts as the perfect ally to strengthen plant structures, providing them with a layer of silicates that functions as a second skin. This bio-stimulant easily integrates into any type of cultivation, whether it be in soil, pots, coconut coir, or hydroponic systems, from the first week of flowering to the seventh.

Main Advantages of Rhino Skin Stimulator Fertilizer

  • Powerful Biological Stimulant: Advanced Nutrients' Rhino Skin stands out as a high-performance biological stimulant based on potassium silicate, designed to significantly strengthen crop resistance and productivity.
  • Exceptional Solubility and Absorption: Its innovative formula is characterized by outstanding solubility and assimilation, ensuring efficient absorption by plants. This not only strengthens stems, providing a solid foundation for larger flowers but also enhances plants' ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions.
  • Healthy and Sustainable Growth: Rhino Skin is compatible with various growing media and reduces the risk of contamination due to optimal proportions of potassium silicate. This ensures healthy and sustainable growth, making it an essential ally to maximize crop potential from the early stages of flowering to the seventh.

Rhino Skin by Advanced Nutrients is a potent potassium silicate bio-stimulant designed to enhance the robustness and productivity of your crops. It stands out for its exceptional solubility and assimilation, using highly soluble and assimilable forms of potassium silicate to ensure efficient absorption by plants. This innovative product strengthens stems, providing a solid foundation that allows plants to support larger and heavier flowers while improving their resistance to adverse environmental conditions. With optimal proportions of potassium silicate, Rhino Skin reduces the risk of contamination, promoting healthy and sustainable growth.

Rhino Skin is compatible with various hydroponic growing media and continuous fertilization systems, such as aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, Ebb & Flow, and DWC. The vital presence of silica in the product strengthens stems, trunks, and branches, protecting against environmental stress and preventing excessive moisture loss through cell walls. It is essential to note that not all silica bio-stimulants offer the same results, and excess silica can be detrimental to the crop. Rhino Skin by Advanced Nutrients offers a balanced and effective formula that promotes growth without unnecessary risks.

How to Use Rhino Skin

In the cultivation process, it is essential to apply the recommended compound from the first week of flowering to the sixth, covering a period of one and a half months. To optimize results, it is advisable to add 2 mL of Rhino Skin per liter of water during watering. However, it is important to note that foliar application is not recommended. The versatility of this Advanced Nutrients product allows its implementation in various types of crops, whether indoors or outdoors, and in different growing media such as native soil, pots, coco, and even in advanced systems like Aero and Hydro.

Compatibility with automatic irrigation systems is another advantage, as this fertilizer does not cause clogs in tubes or drippers, providing a convenient solution for various cultivation methods. Regarding its composition, Rhino Skin by Advanced Nutrients is distinguished by its potassium silicate content at 0.4% and silica dioxide at 0.15%, essential elements for strengthening plant structures and improving their resistance to adverse situations.

Rhino Skin Composition

  • Silica Dioxide (0.15%)
  • Potassium Silicate (0.4%)

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