SantYerbasi Grow Shop Awards


From our early beginings, SantYerbasi Grow Shop Crew has demonstrated its knowledge and advanced techniques, taking part in many Cannabis Cups, in were has been awarded. After many years competing with the best growers, we are proud of all and every single one of the awards gotten by SantYerbasi's members, in the different entries were we introduces samples: Indoor grown, Outdoor grown and Resin Extracts. At SantYerbasi we are porud of our awards and would like to thank all those who trust us offering to our customers all information and aknowledgement necessary so they can get best quality crops.



  • weekend 2017
    2nd WEEKEND 2017  (Outdoor) - Og Kush SFV
  • Og Kush Sevilla 2017
    3rd EXPO CÁÑAMO SEVILLA 2017 (Indoor) - Og kush SFV
  • 3er premio cannabis
    3rd EXPO CÁÑAMO SEVILLA 2017 (Hydroponic) - Rolex Og
  • premio Weedkend Hash
    1st WEEDKEND 2016 (Hash) - OG Kush SFV
  • weedkend outdoor award
    2nd WEEDKEND 2016 (Outdoor) - Black Domina'98
  • weekend BHO award
    2nd WEEDKEND 2016 (BHO) - FxS
  • THC Cup Valencia
    1st THC Cup Valencia 2016 (BHO) - OG Kush SFV
  • THC cup BHO
    2nd THC Cup Valencia 2016 (Hash) - OG Kush SFV
  • Asturcannabis indoor award
    1st ASTURCANNABIS 2015 (Indoor) - Chocolope
  • Copa Garraf award
    1st COPA GARRAF 2011 (Sativa) - Kali Mist
  • SanFerWeed indoor bio award
    3rd SANFERWEED 2008 (Indoor Bio) - Pot of Gold
  • High Life Cup BCN
    CHAMPION HIGH LIFE 2005 - Pot of Gold x AK47
  • Highlife 2005 award
    1st HIGH LIFE 2005 (Hash) - Pot of Gold x AK47
  • HighLife 2004 award
    3rd HIGH LIFE 2004 (Hash) - Kali Mist



At SantYerbasi we are proud of our work, and out customer's too. The effords and techniques used by some of them made them deservers of some cannabis cups prizes:

  • grow shops Catalunya cup
    1st Gremi Grow Shops Cup 2011 (Outdoor) Johny Walker - Pot of Gold

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