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Sensizym stands out for its high concentration and precise selection of enzymes that transform organic residues and salts into essential nutrients. Its versatility is evidenced by its applicability in hydroponic and aeroponic crops, preventing the accumulation of salts and toxic molecules.

Main Functions of Sensizym:

  • Breaks down organic matter, dead roots, and excess nutrients, improving overall plant performance.
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption, avoiding over-fertilization.
  • Contributes to efficient nutrient transport and enhances plant metabolism.

Benefits of Sensizym:

  • Increases health and activity in the root zone.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption in all crops.
  • Prevents the accumulation of salts resulting from fertilizers.
  • Converts organic residues and salts into food for plants.
  • Facilitates the cleaning of growing media for reuse.
  • Eliminates dead roots to maximize nutrient absorption.

Boost the Effectiveness of Your Crop with Sensizym

Increases Nutrient Absorption

Maximize your crop yield with Sensizym, a powerful enzymatic supplement designed to improve nutrient absorption by your plants. This advanced formula breaks down organic residues in the substrate, releasing essential nutrients and creating an optimal environment for the healthy development of your plants. Discover how Sensizym can transform your crop, boosting nutritional efficiency and promoting more abundant harvests.

Resolves Root and Stress Issues

With Sensizym, you not only optimize nutrient assimilation but also address root and stress issues. Key enzymes in this formula work to break down dead roots, reducing the risk of diseases and improving the overall health of the root system. Moreover, by relieving stress caused by residue accumulation, your plants can devote more energy to growing and flowering. Discover the comprehensive solution that Sensizym offers for a stronger and more resilient crop.

Sensizym Increases Resin and Aroma Production

Are you looking to enhance the terpene profile and resin production in your plants? Sensizym is the answer. This unique supplement not only improves nutrient absorption but also stimulates the production of aromatic compounds. The result is a crop that is not only healthier but also offers more intense aromas and flavors. Elevate the quality of your harvests and leave a lasting impression with Sensizym in every crop.

Compatibility and Recommendations:

Sensizym is compatible with all types of crops and various growing media, such as soil, coco, and hydroponics. Its use is safe with automatic irrigation systems, causing no harm to conduits or drippers, and can be effectively combined with other fertilizers, including organics like Biobizz.

Sensizym is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator after opening to ensure its maximum effectiveness.

Compatibility and Regulations:

Sensizym is compatible with pH Perfect and non-pH Perfect base nutrients, as well as with competitor supplements. It is important to note that it does not contain paclobutrazol, daminozide, or other plant growth regulators prohibited by Advanced Nutrients, ensuring compliance with quality and sustainability standards.

Usage and Dosage:

Applying Sensizym is simple and effective. During the growth phase, it is recommended to apply 2 ml/L, extending its use to the flowering phase with the same dosage and combining it with other Advanced Nutrients fertilizers. This process ensures a continuous supply of enzymes to maximize benefits in all stages of plant development.

Sensizym Dosage

    • Apply 2 ml/L during the plant's growth and flowering periods.


Sensizym has an enriching composition with Beta-glucanase, Cellulase, and Xylanase, supported by the presence of more than 80 types of bioactive enzymes that offer various benefits for plant development.

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