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Shark, from CBD Seeds, is a genetic considered by our breeders, as ine of the best yielders you can get. A great resin producer, ready to harvest after 7 weeks of flowering. Shark is a very resistant strain against molds, like mildew. A hybrid with sweet taste, and coffe flavours.

Genotype maintained for over ten years. This lady is one the largest producers can be found in our bank as it forms compact buds and very heavy, completely covered by resin. An excellent choice for those who extract resin crop residues, as the amount of trichomes it produces is outstanding.
plant is preferred by many, both beginners and experienced growers, as their handling is very easy, and we always reward a great harvest. This is a very resistant variety mildew, he never has problems with this fungal pathogen. Once dry, abruption a strong smell, with hints of coffee, earth and licorice, especially if grown organically. Anyway, have a character that does not leave you indifferent.
Additional information

    Collection: Classic
    Genotype: Stabilized Hybrid
    Interior: 7 weeks
    Exterior: Med September
    Production: High
    Effect: Strong / Medicinal / Relaxing
    Odor: Incense / Shades Cocoa, coffee
    Taste: Sweet / Licorice

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