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TH Seeds seedbank presents Skunkage,a crossing between SAGE and Skunk. This strain, medium to tall, and short flowering, gets really good yields of high quality flowers. Skunkage takes the best from both parentals: a high THC content, and a strong effect, with a flowering time of about 8 weeks.

The S.A.G.E. world has expanded this year with our latest creation. Two world renowned classics Cultivators Choice Skunk#1 and our our own #1 the legendary S.A.G.E. Expect the signature sandlewood S.A.G.E flavor, but with quicker results and more uniformity due to the ultra stable skunk male. When growing indoors its a good idea to scrog it early as it has explosive flowering growth and can easily double or triple its height. This is the ultimate greenhouse or full sun variety and will complete any level growers needs indoors or out.


Type Sativa/Indica

Height 120-140 cm

Yield 350+ p.s.m.

Flowering Time 55-60 days

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